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Grey's Anatomy Episode Trailer: Who's Leaving?!

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The job offers are rolling in ... but who might be leaving Seattle for good?

Who is staying and who is out the door? The four residents who have passed the boards, as show on last night's episode (see our Grey's Anatomy review) have received offers all over the country.

It's decision time, and looking ahead to next week's "Migration," Alex and Meredith are both clearly embroiled in conflict regarding their careers. Can Derek really be serious about leaving the hospital?

That one clip could be deliberately misleading, but there's a lot up in the air.

Elsewhere, following her surprise admission last night, Mark admits to Derek that he is torn between his love for Lexie and the fact that Julia can give him everything he's ever wanted out of life.

Ben plans something extra special for Bailey, but she is preoccupied with her work, Arizona encourages Nick to have surgery, and a honeymooning couple complains of mysterious symptoms.

Watch trailer for next week's Grey's Anatomy (the second-to-last episode of the eighth season), check out our Grey's Anatomy season finale spoilers page for updates, and comment below:

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To Be Honest I really think it will be Derek because like you guys said he didn't get he role renewed & they said it would affect all of them.


Richard dies. He is expendable without too much backlash from fans plus he's the only one whose death would impact all of them. This could open up a general surgery spot for Mer. His death will be obvious in the finale. There will be a cliff hanger as to the possible other deaths - Derek - but we will see him back next fall. Just feel it in my bones.


Some of the Grey's Anatomy characters will be battling to stay alive when a forest fire threatens their lives in the finale...


The more I think about it the more I think it could be Zola. That provides an out for Patrick Dempsey, since last I read he didn't renew. He could take some time off and grieve some where else, travel and find himself or whatever... where as Meredith doesn't know how to grieve outside of a hospital. Therefore MerDer can still survive while having one actor stay and the other leave.


I really think it's going to be Arizona and possibly something involving the daycare or Zola. I think Arizona will accompany her friend on a med flight to another hospital, and it will crash. Plus she's tweeting live during next week's episode. Either way, it should be a good watch.


So, if April passed then who failed?
I am really scared that Lexie might die with the whole "you are like a disease..." love confession might actually be a foreshadowing. Shonda said that in the finale many lives are put in danger. Maybe it is a flu...hope mark and lexie are alright.


I don't think April failed either, mainly because she's shown partying with the rest of the gang.
At the end of the last episode she looked like she was on the verge of tears. Maybe she was overwhelmed/shocked at the fact that she passed?
She said that she feels ashamed for losing her virginity and that she fears that Jesus/God may hate her for that, so maybe she was taken by surprise by the fact that God had forgiven her and allowed her to pass her boards? idk. just a thought.


I don't think April failed her boards... She's celebrating, and after all, Jackson's mother said it was a rumor...


Shonda confirmed it won't be anyone from the original cast and Mark and Jackson.
So the only doctors who could possibly die are April, Teddy, Callie, Arizona, Lexie and Owen.
And honestly, I have no idea who could be killed. Perhaps it's not a main character? It could be Adele, Julia or Catherine?


I sort of miss two-hours long finale episodes.. when it's cut into a two week "event" like this, and with the obvious cliff hanger of the actual finale, I get so frustrated!
From like, the second season I started wondering what will happen when they will start getting offers from other hospitals.. how will this show look without them. And then George died, and the show really did not look the same. At all. I honestly, to this day, with as much as I love this show, think that they made the wrong choice, case in point, Izzie leaving didn't change anything, the show, for me, stayed the same and just got better. George would've been a great addition to the show. That being said, I really have no idea what to think about a season with someone from this core leaving.. even Kepner, has solid place. But naturally, a season without Mer or Christina, wow.. it will be.. I dont even know.

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