Grimm Review: Bippity Boppity Busted

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It’s been a long time since Grimm actually had a true procedural case, that didn’t have any serial elements baked into it. I’m a little sad "Happily Ever Aftermath" decided to return to Grimm’s roots a little bit.

Nick Investigates a Death

That’s not to say the case isn’t worth talking about because it is, Cinderella being a murderous, won’t-take-no-for-answer murdering crazy person is freaking awesome.

The description Monroe gave of her Wesen kind hiding dual personalities is the perfect description, because underneath the Disney-scrubbed persona of Cinderella is someone who has dealt with rejection, has an almost complete lack of a support system, and then she's thrust into a world where her every whim and want is met.

So when her Prince Charming is now without cash, her entire world is brought back to a time of pain and poor memories, and her other side comes back roaring back and is ready to enact some revenge on all of those who wronged her.

But, even with the main focus on the case tonight, there were still a few clues that are coming back to the forefront. Nick’s dream of where he hid the coins is probably going to come back to center stage soon. They’re just too powerful not to, and those coins are also connected to his parents.

It all boils down to one of Grimm’s main themes: lineage.

For most of the series, who you are and what your family does is a constant in your life. It’s inescapable. Nick’s found this out firsthand, and no matter what he’s done to try to ignore it or move on, he keeps getting sucked in deeper and deeper every time.

Besides, any time we can spend in Aunt Marie’s Trailer of awesomeness is time well spent. The amount of weapons and information in there seems to be endless, and I love all the Grimm gadgets and weapons. It deepens the show and the mythology without being weighty and boring. I just wish Nick didn’t have to turn over that awesome sound gun to the police for evidence.

Finally, one other detail interested me tonight about Monroe. When Monroe was using the gun even he was being affected by it a little bit. It made me wonder if this could ever come up in the series. Nick and Monroe are essentially partners and that breaks all kinds of Wesen rules, but Monroe is also in a lot danger from all sides. He’s going against the natural order of things, he’s kind of a Grimm without the lineage (and any abilities if they exist), and he has access to an entire trailer full of things that can kill him. Any kind of wrong move, and he's in some serious trouble. Whether that move is using a weapon wrong or getting his hands on the wrong one in the trailer or one of his adventures with Nick. Whichever direction he turns danger is right in front of him, maybe even more so than Nick.


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I think Juliette is going to end up finding out that she's a Grimm. She seems to have the same fighting powers that Nick is now discovering.


Heh, some of the errors/typos that I see here and on other sites look to be what happens when one uses the evil spellcheck! Worst invention, EVAH... This was a decent twist: Cindy as the bully instead of the bullied, and Cindy being the 'ugliest' rather than the prettiest of the three girls. Also--do we know which side Nick's aunt hails from? Paternal or maternal? Just trying to figure out which side is the Grimm side. Maybe I already know that from an earlier episode, but I can't think of it, atm...


The comment about Monroe being surrounded by things that could possiby hurt him was a good one but I think Monroe was affected by the machine because of his canine abilities as opposed to the fact that he is Wesen. When sounds get to an extremely high frequency, humans cannot hear it but dogs, and animals of the dog family can. I think the writers were acknowledging Monroe's wolf nature, and I do not believe he was ever in any danger from the machine designed to hurt the banshee-like creatures.


@Cathleen, she has no conscience, so she probably doesn't lose control as much as most Wesen. She's been pretending to care about her husband for years with her sugary persona. She just doesn't have a lot of emotions to control.


Cool take on the Cinderella story.


Something interesting about this episode: although Nick quickly saw the Godfather's bat face, he did not see Lucinda's until the end. In fact, viewers saw her true form before Nick did. Did Lucinda have that much control over her two sides? It definitely makes it seem more likely that Renard could also exert the same type of control so that Nick doesn't see him for his true self, assuming, as many of us do, that Renard is some kind of Wesen. I noticed in the promo for next episode, Hank is going to see Monroe in werewolf form. This should be interesting. As one of the other people here wrote, Monroe keeps showing up at crime scenes whenever they have strange cases, and so far Hank either hasn't noticed or kept any questions to himself. That's okay every once in a while, but it's happened enough that Hank should have something to say about it. Having him see Monroe in Wesen form is kind of extreme, but then again sometimes so is this show.


...realize until it was too late. Anyway, on to the show. I enjoyed the episode incredibly, but I had gotten really used to the integration of procedural and mythos. The separation of Nick's family story and the case threw me off a bit. I enjoyed the case. The bat-thing under the bed REALLY freaked me out!! I felt sorry for the husband, but my gosh, what a pushover. I liked the interrogation scene; the Grimm world and the cop world keep coming closer and closer together (especially with Monroe showing up at every crime scene) and I don't know how much longer Nick is going to be able to keep them separate. I STILL don't like Hank's acting - I can't stand his body language, but I kind of want him to be in the loop. As for Nick's family - really interesting development. I wonder if Marie had known that it had been ruled as a homicide.


Hmmm...maybe I can help with some of the previous comments: @Simone - I'm pretty sure he'll get it back. When the case is closed, he'll probably sneak it out of evidence LOL @Doe-Rae-Me - I'm a grammar/spelling nerd myself, and I've noticed the errors. However, you must allow me to point out the irony of your spelling "consistently" wrong in your post... :-) @KansasGuest - I don't actually think Lucinda was oblivious. It looked to me like she played dumb, but she knew exactly what the hell was going on. She was a conniving, manipulative brat. She married her husband because he was rich, and walked out saying she never loved him when he got poor. I think when she found out her husband lost all his money, she killed her stepmother thinking that she would have been in the will and would have inherited a fortune. When she wasn't in the will, she knew everything would have gone to next of kin if both the stepsisters died, and just continued killing. Fairy Godfather didn't realize that until it was too late.


I think Monroe was "being affected" because he's a Blutbad (Werewolf). He has keener hearing than humans or Grimms for that matter.


Like the Godfather said the dad was too trusting of women. Plus excellent hearing, she probably overheard the situation that was going on.

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