Grimm Review: On My Mother's Side

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After last week’s bitterly disappointing lead up episode, to say I had a few doubts about "Woman in Black" would be putting it lightly.

Good thing Grimm didn’t disappoint.

Nick Is Shocked

There were a lot of variables in play, and I want to take them one by one.

Juliette's Cat Fight
Just when we think Adalind is gone for good she slinks back into Nick’s life and goes after his greatest weakness – Juliette – with some demonic cat no less. Juliette even got the answers she (thought) she was looking for as Nick finally revealed everything to her, but after being so forthright and inquisitive last week Juliette took a turn for the skeptical as she began to worry about Nick’s mental health.

Anyone in her position would do the same, but I just wish she would have gotten a look at Monroe before passing out from the scratch. Why delay the inevitable? Even so, Juliette is now under some kind of spell since her eyes are completely black now just like the cat. Is Adalind controlling her? Will she even remember Nick or what he told her? Or is Adalind just giving Nick one last parting gift for taking away her power, now that she’s skipped town.

Hank finds his Arsenal
Poor Hank, he still has no idea what he witnessed, and Nick still has no interest in setting the record straight, and after the reaction Juliette gave him, there’s very little incentive for Nick to tell Hank.

Instead, Hank is descending deeper and deeper into paranoia, and eventually arms himself to the teeth by the end of the episode as his fears got the best of him and his closet. It’s an interesting development for the character, and while I’m still no fan of Hank this version of him does have some potential. A paranoid Hank won’t give Nick nearly as much leeway as he usually gets, and that pulls Nick from sides.

On one end Nick is saving Hank from these violent Wesen, and on the other his actions are having a direct result on Hank’s well being. Nick’s moral compass would have some confusion, on one hand he could look out for the greater good and his Grimm friends, and on the other he can bring Hank’s mind to ease and save him from going crazy.

My guess on whether Hank becomes part of Team Nick rests directly on the shoulders of Renard.

Nick is (still) a Badass
Nick doesn’t even worry about being caught as a Grimm anymore. He’s fully committed to it, and as the season has gone on we’ve learned that this is his family’s legacy and business. In the trailer with Juliette his enthusiasm for all of it was overwhelming at times, but it all comes down to one common theme: it’s a way for him to reconnect with his parents, and at the very least his mother. He revealed tonight that being a Grimm “comes from his mother’s side.”

Yes, as it turns out Nick’s mother isn’t dead. While I’ve been hoping Nick would meet some family members or other Grimm’s down the road this path offers stronger storytelling opportunities. Now Nick can finally learn what happened in that car crash. If it’s all just a cover up, what’s the deal with coins (she’s clearly on the hunt for them) and this entire Wesen world he still knows nothing about.

Finally tonight, we’ve all been speculating whether or not Nick has any special abilities, and while we’re never completely certain if he does or not, other than seeing Wesen’s true form, it looked like something did happen with Akira. Badass Nick only came out to play after Akira showed his true colors, and I wonder if seeing Wesen for what they are brings out something in Nick as well.

If there is one gripe I have about tonight’s episode it’s the time limit. So much of the episode felt rushed, as we hurried from one character to the next, and from one quick burst of story to the next, and if given room to breathe, the plot might have been better served.  It felt like Akira, Renard, Adalind, and Team Nick all got pushed to the side for the big reveal of Mama Burkhardt. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there was just too much to tell and not enough allotted time to do it.

Other thoughts:

  • Renard is still completely mysterious. It’s an interesting bookend to his season long arc. Originally coming off as a villain, he’s now just another unknown in this big Wesen World we still know very little about. 
  • Do Rosalee and Monroe even need the cat anymore? I'm under the impression Nick took the bowl of milk with him. Or did Hank interrupt that train of thought?


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ROSS IF U ARE READING THIS I GOT AN IDEA FOR THE NEXT PENCILMATIONhank is in a big trampoline and dmnedeosa sees that he is jumping and then she wants to jump to but when she jumped her giant foot tears a hole in it so hank had to get a job to get money to by a new tampoline and new shoes for desdemone.NOW MY FINGERS HURT!!


Sam:i agree, she needs to die, what is her purpose, nick need someone else that can help him


OK episode. If he was thinking clearly, Nick would never have taken Juliette to the trailer; he would have brought her straight to Monroe. I don't think they were trying to show that Nick was off balance, so I think this was just lame plotting. He should have brought Hank to see Monroe. There's no excuse at this point for continuing to keep Hank shut out. The "I'm protecting him by keeping him ignorant" excuse clearly doesn't apply here ... if indeed it ever applies anywhere. Renard's failure to overcome the bad guy only makes sense if Renard is much less powerful than we expect or if Renard is so powerful he knew he could easily save himself if he really needed to.


I hope Juliette dies!
She sucks! She ruins everything

Ronald simkins

Well his Mom is alive, apparently, so the pilot was wrong? Or did they rewrite the show when they got picked up?


This show has so much potential and is improving. The finale did feel "rushed" but that is because the characters and story needs to find itself. Monroe is outstanding; the bromance is truly enjoyable. Develop Renard further. Give Hank better lines to say...his character has been underdeveloped. If he is meant to be a straight arrow and trust worthy fellow, it has been a good but slow start. Monroe's girlfriend is a perfect fit. The story bounces around so hard to take it seriously. Nick is developing nicely and if he becomes a kick butt guy, OK. But predictable hero stuff. That is fine provided the other characters remain off beat and intersting. The finale was "OK" but not quite finale material as it did not answer much...too many more unanswered questions and you may lose the audience. Juliette has been a yawn unless she quickly becomes a Wessex or some other force of conflict.
Keep going; strengthen the storyline so it is believable instead of hastily cobbled together....I like the potential a lot! now give us a really good series.


@Ronald and @Kansas, when Nick tells Monroe that he is a Grimm, Monroe automatically asks if there was a recent death in his family. And there are many hints about it when Aunt Marie tells Nick all about it, Seriously people pay attention and watch the Pilot again!

Ronald simkins

Thanks for following the logics of the show. Of course the beauty of the mythos is that it is still unfolding - sort of like "Lost Girl". And how can we not have "Nick, Nicky - Mom" not emblazoned in the memory for next season!


The best cliffhanger was the return of Nick's mother. It was strange that Renard was so easily beaten down by that guy. I would have expected him to be very powerful. Unfortunately, Juliette's state will probably get resolved fairly quickly next season. I would prefer if the scratch made Juliette turn into some sort of a creature, creating real drama for Nick. As for Hank's paranoia... hopefully they won't drag that for too long.


@Ronald - There is a misunderstanding about how Grimms develop their "talent." It has nothing to do with another Grimm dying. Aunt Marie said she wanted to tell Nick when he came into his abilities, meaning it appears at a certain age. She regretted that she didn't have the time to train him and pass down her knowledge firsthand because she was dying of cancer. Hence, she gave him her rolling Grimm library.

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