Hart of Dixie Review: Caring Can Suck

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Being human. It's more than a series on Syfy, Zoe Hart. It's the experience if living, and you came awfully close to missing out on it this week during "Disaster Drills & Departures."

Indeed, television's cutest doctor was diagnosed with a serious case of the I Don't Give a Damns to kick off this Hart of Dixie installment, understandable, really, given Rose's ailment and Zoe's loss of George to Lemon.

It's easy to see how those events good make someone cold, even in the constant heat of Bluebell, Alabama. But while the penultimate episode of season one didn't conclude with any kind of cliffhanger, it did serve to show just how far various characters have come over the past 20-plus episodes. We all knew Zoe's heart would eventually break down, didn't we?

Return of Ethan Hart

And that's not something we would have said in September. She was all business back then, it wasn't just an act. This surgeon arrived down south for the sole purpose of going back north. One year. Be nice. Pretend to care and I'll be back behind the operating table. That was Zoe's state of mind when we first met her.

But, slowly, that caring ceased being an act and she found herself in a small town where everyone knows everything about everybody - and, yes, that can be irritating at times. It can also be comforting.

No place can it be more comforting, moreover, than inside the local doctor's office, where one is free to discuss one's problems, both physical and emotional. Of course Zoe would get caught up in this quaint, friendly life - and, no, it didn't hurt that the men around her were either Hallmark card nice; or Playgirl style hot.

So that's where Zoe was this week, battling between her old self and her new self. The re-appearance of her father was very well done by the show, as the way Zoe views Ethan also serves to represent how far she's come. He actually distinguished between being Zoe's father and being a surgeon here, a contrast Zoe could never see until, ironically, she learned Ethan was actually NOT her father.

That revelation, though, simply made these two more like family than ever before.

I was glad to see Hart of Dixie didn't drag out the possibility of Zoe leaving for very long. We all knew it wasn't going to happen, right? Therefore, instead of contriving suspense out of this non-storyline, the series used it to reveal a lot about Zoe's character and the changes she has undergone since moving to Alabama. Very well done.

Elsewhere... sorry, but I still don't care about Lemon nor, as a result, her relationship with George. The former became unredeemable a long time ago, even qualifying as the worst character on TV in the eyes of some. She got her head stuck in a bed frame? They reminisced about high school? Sex under the bleacher?

Nope. I don't care. I still see this as fodder for dragging out the inevitable of Zoe getting together with George.

The Wade and Lavon interactions were enjoyable, as they have been all season. It seems hard to believe that Wade wouldn't already know Penny pretty well, as the major point driven home this week was how close-knit a small town can be. But the scene where he stumbled his way out of that loan was still fun to watch. Did we underestimate these two when we didn't include them in our Dynamic Duo poll?

So now we head into the Hart of Dixie season finale without any real suspense hanging over anyone, but that seems apt for a series that more about general life down south than it is any kind of shocking twist or turn, doesn't it? We know George and Lemon plan to get married next Monday, begging the question: Will they?

And also: what should Wade name his bar?


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I'm also glad they didn't drag out Zoe's leaving/not leaving. I loved that her father said he was proud of her for deciding to stay a GP. I know I'm the only one thinking this, but I wish they'd left the making up with her dad part last longer. Why? Because the daddy issues would have lead to spending more time with Brick. Wouldn't Lemon jump in the bay with Wade's Chevelle tied to her ankle if it looked like Zoe and Brick were dating?


I missed most of the episode. Not by choice. I didn't set my stupid dvr. I did see the ending. Jury's still out, we'll see how the finale goes. I agree Zoe is in love with the IDEA of George. She's not even opening herself up to the possibility of Wade.

Uss biddle dlg 34

UGH......That was a lame episode...
Sure Hope all the teeny boppers were happy !!!


ctd...but I think she's really in love with the idea of George. Once she realizes that love isn't so cookie-cutter, I think she'll start to see that her and Wade bring the best out of each other (and sometimes worst) and that's what love is really all about: being yourself and loving one another for who you really are. Ok, end of rant, really hope there's a Season 2!!!!


I also really enjoyed this episode. Brick has become sort of a father figure for Zoe and it's really great to see how they've both evolved, individually and as a pair working together. Lavon and Wade are so damn cute together--love their bromance! I actually really liked George and Lemon in this episode as well; she's so prim and proper that it's perfectly believable that she would be awkward and goofy trying to be a sexy seductress. They actually made me LOL a few times! Finally, Zoe and Wade...::sigh::...I do hope we get movement for them before the season ends. I know there's been a lot of criticism of Zoe's back and forth about George and Wade but I can kinda see it. George fits the mold of the type of guy she thinks she should be with--smart, charming, white collar job, etc. but life keeps putting her in situations with Wade who she obviously is attracted to and cares about but is so the opposite of the guy she imagined herself with. She thinks she's in love with George but maybe she's really just in love with the idea of George and once she realizes that love isn't so cookie-cutter, she'll see that her and Wade bring the best out of each other and that's what real love is all about. Ok, end of rant, really hope this show gets picked up for Season 2!!!


This Was my favorite episode of the whole season!My heart broke for Annabeth, I did not see that coming at all. I laughed out loud at Lemon and George and loved hearing about some of their history together. As some of you have said, I LOVED Brick in this episode and he is a great mentor for Zoe.As always, I love Wade, Levon and Rose. If we are lucky to get a second season, I would like to see Zoe become a GP instead of a surgeon, she is better at it than she thinks.


OK I lied! Is it bothering anyone else that they have people singing (professional quality, even) what seems like every single episode lately? It's cute occasionally, but for crying out loud, this isn't Glee or Smash or anything like that.


OK, one more thing, then I'll stop (for now...) I loved Brick in this episode. I loved the development of their relationship and how he's sort of like her father now. I also loved that, despite the conversation with Lavon, it was a realization about a medical consult and a conversation with Brick that really made her decide to stay. It wouldn't have been satisfying (to me) or in character for Zoe to make a decision like that based solely on the state of her love life or that she had friends there. She had to decide to stay for professional as well as personal reasons.


(cont) mismatches in their characters, and how that would lead to interesting and satisfying arcs/growths simply would make for better TV.


rebekah- for me, it's the exact same argument with George. George has said repeatedly he's in love with Lemon despite his feelings for Zoe. He has SHOWN repeatedly he's in love with Lemon. He's committed to her time and again and, as Lavon said, has never "chosen" Zoe. Are we supposed to root for him to break Lemon's heart, break off a wedding and a 15-year relationship, and go against his own feelings simply because he's "supposed to be" the main character's love interest? On the other hand, before the complete 180 after the hiatus, we could see Zoe developing an interest in (both sexual and emotional), as well as a friendship with Wade, which they proceeded to ignore and forget while building up Zoe's twu wuv for George after the break. Getting Z/W together would not be an "obligation," but even if it wouldn't necessarily be realistic, what about this show is? What about any rom-com is? And that's the point: this is a TV show. Z/W not only have killer chemistry, the matches and mismatches in their characters, and how that would lead to interesting and satisfying arcs/growths simply would make for better TV.

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