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Zoe considers moving to Boston this week, only to realize she cares too much about the folks in Bluebell. And, after stalling for far too long, she finally ends sthe episode by visiting Rose in the hospital. She's gonna be just fine.


- George and Lemon tried to rekindle their sex life. They run into a few obstacles, but end up closer because of them.

- Lavon offers to co-sign a loan for Wade so he can open "Wade's Place."


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Really, really hope they bring this show back for a second season - it's been getting better all season, and I think it has potential to be another long-running series for CW if they would only let it grow. My only gripe with this episode is I thought it was silly that they had Zoe mistake Rose's appendicitis for love sickness - kind of far fetched and ridiculous if you ask me, but other than that great episode.  I really thought having Zoe's father come back to Bluebell was a good development, and Zoe deciding to take the fellowship without telling anyone is definitely prove she's not ready for the responsibility. Also, I loved the song that they used when Wade apologizes to Lavon and then learns of Zoe's departure, I looked it up and I guess it's a band called The Orbans and that song "When We Were Wild" has been in my head all week. Can't wait to see what's in store for this next episode!


Alls well that ends well. Love this episode. Love the end when Zoe walks in for breakfast. Love the fact that you can't let your emotions take over your job. Her little friend nearly died and glad she pulled through. Zoe should not get involved in young teens problems and dilemmas. Mom should have been stronger in this episode....Wow a finale. Hope they get another season.