Hart of Dixie Review: Run Right Back to You

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This is the Hart of Dixie I’ve been waiting for.

Major Kiss Alert!

The process didn’t happen overnight – my feelings were certainly frayed at times over the pace – but in the end "The Big Day" finally played Dixie’s best card: the love triangle.

Now the fun can begin.

Now we get to watch Zoe teeter between two different guys, and witness each of their personalities come shining through. Now we can watch Wade and George begin trying to one up each other trying to win Zoe’s heart. Now we can watch Zoe finally begin falling in love.

Plus, the love triangle finally frees up some characters in desperate need of finding themselves: Lavon and Lemon. Lavon is stuck in this limbo that he hasn’t gotten over yet, as much as he likes to believe he has, and Lemon is so infatuated with the idea of marriage and its spoils that she was rushing things for all the wrong reasons.

In fact, we finally saw Lemon open up a little bit tonight as she discussed her mistakes, albeit vaguely, with Anna Beth. Either way, any kind of emotional baby step for Lemon is better than nothing; she’s still one of the most annoying characters ever.

At least now Lemon finally realizes no matter how much work goes into something, when you hurt someone things take time to heal. No amount of rushing can fix that, and no amount of hiding behind status and grand ideas can fix it either.

George realized it, too, as he finally began to realize the feelings he’s having for Zoe, the feelings we’ve known he’s had since the series premiere. I have to give George a lot of credit for taking the hard way out, and not entering in to a wedding with Lemon when he wasn’t fully sure.

But let’s be honest, did anyone actually think George was going to go through with the ceremony? It seemed like just about everything was out to get him and make sure the wedding didn’t happen. It was raining, the roof was leaking and breaking apart, the firehouse dog ate the cake. Couple that with the doubts George has been having prior, and it was a blessing the wedding made it that far at all.

While we’re being honest I don’t think George (nor I) expected Lemon would punch him in the face for calling off the wedding. There was bound bound to be some bruised egos, but faces? That’s a new one.

Speaking of lips, after denying the chemistry they’ve had all season, Wade and Zoe finally decided to take things where they may go. And, boy, did they have a go at it, and it all culminated with George at Zoe’s door professing his love for her with Wade none the wiser.

Might I suggest Hart of Dixie use drama a little more often? I’ll all for comfort television, but this is the first night I’ve truly felt connected to the show and couldn’t wait to see where things were heading. It was absolutely fantastic.

No matter how things are resolved and where they go, it’s going to be a very fun second season.

Other thoughts:

  • With the big commotion George has caused, it won’t take long before Brick gets wind of things, and I can only imagine how he’ll take it out on Zoe.
  • The practice took a bit of a backseat in the second half of the season (as did the medical aspect of the show), and I would love to see some of that work its way back into the story.
  • Can we have adorable baby goats on this show all the time?
  • I’m hoping Wade’s bar becomes more than an idea next season.

What did you think, Dixie fans?


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Iam not sure what show Paula is watching, but, george and zoey to not make this show. Perhaps Paula should view the Youtube pics.


Does anyone remember what Wade said in the season finale?
He said 'doc i'm not saying i wanna marry you..' and then 'there is no better cure for your little crush on GoldenBoy' after she told him she thought about having sex with him but couldnt see the point..
He said it only to get her, even if he wanted more because his feelings are deeper than that.
But now Who would Zoe choose? The guy who only wanted to sleep with her (Wade) or George the GoldenBoy, the man she has a crush on, the one that showed up just to tell her he has a crush on her too and Cancelled the wedding because he couldn't get her off his mind?
I really hope this will not be her choice because surely she would choose George.. Maybe the GoldenBoy will realize he needs some time for himself?


Really enjoy the show. We could not wait for the day for George to break up with Lemon. We were disappointed with Zoe having resisted Wades advances many times in the past and then falling for such a cheap night; as Wade as we know is with a different girl all the time. I would be really disappointed if she settled for Wade when Zoey and George are really truly make the show. They really are soulmates,


cindylou, thanks for your comment. I love the South and lived there for many years, and I don't want to imply that there is more racism today in the South than there is in other places--we seem to have problems with that everywhere! What bugs me about Hart of Dixie is that they talk constantly about History as something uniting Bluebell that is valuable and makes it a more special place to live than Zoe's NYC. However, you can't have History in Alabama without the Civil Rights Movement, much less events prior to that. But since a lot of the characters presently on the show would have lived through the events of the 60's in Alabama, it's odd that they completely whitewash that part of the past as if it never happened, even as they're doing all these other cutesy things to recall the town's history and heritage. You can't have "Southern Belles" prancing around doing heritage-related things and totally forget what was going on there.


Elizabeth, I love your idea of it all being a Dream. I also see your point about the football players.
I really want to see Wade grow up next year, I'd love for him to open his bar and for Zoe to see him differently.


ugh.. I like george.. but not with Zoe. Please don't let her choose him... I'm team Wade all the way, and I don't do teams normally :):)


I like Lemon, but would really like to see her grow and figure out what she wants in life -- I think getting married and planning a great wedding was exciting to her because it used her skills, which are being wasted. So I'd love to see her get a job, maybe working at Town Hall with Lavon or even running for mayor against Lavon. I don't think she and Lavon belong together romantically, but they would make a good team, he seems to actually care about her and she seems more real with him. Or maybe they would be good as a couple, eventually, just first I'd like to see her develop a bit, without losing her edge.


cindylou, I disagree with you because white sorority girls from traditional Southern families date black football players at most of the major universities in Alabama. Sure, there's still racism and folks who fly the rebel flag, but a character like Lavon Hayes would realistically have a ton of white girls lining up to date him. So I'm glad the show chose to go there. I think Lavon is sweeter to Lemon than George anyway. He actually listens to her.. However, I think the wedding actually happened. I think a tree fell on Zoe in the storm and she was knocked unconscious. She dreamed everything while Wade was trying to pull her out/get her to hospital. I want her to be in an ambulance and wake up to Wade holding her hand on S2-1. JMO


i actually like Lemon...


Lulu, at first I was offended by your comments about the racist South and about a black man being Mayor. Then I remembered that well there IS a lot of racism present (still) here in the South. I was driving around today and passed houses with that damned Confederate flag flying in the yard. So I have to agree with your assessment. I do, however, like that they made Lavon Mayor, however unrealistic it may be.A girl like Lemon
and Lavon would NEVER happen down here
though. NEVER, that part is very unrealistic. Kudos to the show for being creative. And NO I'm not racist, I'm a black Southerner sharing my views.

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