Hart of Dixie Review: Run Right Back to You

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This is the Hart of Dixie I’ve been waiting for.

Major Kiss Alert!

The process didn’t happen overnight – my feelings were certainly frayed at times over the pace – but in the end "The Big Day" finally played Dixie’s best card: the love triangle.

Now the fun can begin.

Now we get to watch Zoe teeter between two different guys, and witness each of their personalities come shining through. Now we can watch Wade and George begin trying to one up each other trying to win Zoe’s heart. Now we can watch Zoe finally begin falling in love.

Plus, the love triangle finally frees up some characters in desperate need of finding themselves: Lavon and Lemon. Lavon is stuck in this limbo that he hasn’t gotten over yet, as much as he likes to believe he has, and Lemon is so infatuated with the idea of marriage and its spoils that she was rushing things for all the wrong reasons.

In fact, we finally saw Lemon open up a little bit tonight as she discussed her mistakes, albeit vaguely, with Anna Beth. Either way, any kind of emotional baby step for Lemon is better than nothing; she’s still one of the most annoying characters ever.

At least now Lemon finally realizes no matter how much work goes into something, when you hurt someone things take time to heal. No amount of rushing can fix that, and no amount of hiding behind status and grand ideas can fix it either.

George realized it, too, as he finally began to realize the feelings he’s having for Zoe, the feelings we’ve known he’s had since the series premiere. I have to give George a lot of credit for taking the hard way out, and not entering in to a wedding with Lemon when he wasn’t fully sure.

But let’s be honest, did anyone actually think George was going to go through with the ceremony? It seemed like just about everything was out to get him and make sure the wedding didn’t happen. It was raining, the roof was leaking and breaking apart, the firehouse dog ate the cake. Couple that with the doubts George has been having prior, and it was a blessing the wedding made it that far at all.

While we’re being honest I don’t think George (nor I) expected Lemon would punch him in the face for calling off the wedding. There was bound bound to be some bruised egos, but faces? That’s a new one.

Speaking of lips, after denying the chemistry they’ve had all season, Wade and Zoe finally decided to take things where they may go. And, boy, did they have a go at it, and it all culminated with George at Zoe’s door professing his love for her with Wade none the wiser.

Might I suggest Hart of Dixie use drama a little more often? I’ll all for comfort television, but this is the first night I’ve truly felt connected to the show and couldn’t wait to see where things were heading. It was absolutely fantastic.

No matter how things are resolved and where they go, it’s going to be a very fun second season.

Other thoughts:

  • With the big commotion George has caused, it won’t take long before Brick gets wind of things, and I can only imagine how he’ll take it out on Zoe.
  • The practice took a bit of a backseat in the second half of the season (as did the medical aspect of the show), and I would love to see some of that work its way back into the story.
  • Can we have adorable baby goats on this show all the time?
  • I’m hoping Wade’s bar becomes more than an idea next season.

What did you think, Dixie fans?


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Bah, my other comment was chopped too! Well, the point is simple: George is cute and appealing, but Wade is darn near the hottest form of hotness to ever grace a TV screen, so at the end of the day there's really no contest between them. Perhaps Z and G will flounder around for a while, annoying everyone in town with their relationship. Perhaps Lemon will seek revenge in the best possible way and dabble with Wade to make Zoe jealous. Maybe Lemon is angry at men for a while until Lavon steps in and starts over with her. Whatever the case, Wade is that rare combination of sweet, wry, cynical, and hotter than a thousand suns. So yeah, I assume the whole show is ultimately about Zoe waking up to this fact that is presently keenly obvious to any female with any functioning sensory organs and brain.


Why does it cut off the comments? Boo. Well, the point was, Lavon is the only character who can both tolerate and even appreciate Lemon's ways and intensity, while helping her to be a better person. And for whatever reason, she fascinates him, so game over. She wants to be Queen of the town and Lavon, not George, is its King. Season 2 should end with wedding redux: this time, Lemon and Lavon, a brief morning rainshower giving way to sunshine, and a happy bride and groom.


I assume that season 2 will kick off with some kind of wretched miscommunication, where Zoe tries to assess whether Wade was merely working out his frustrations or actually luvvs her. Since she won't be willing or able to acknowledge her own feelings, Wade will assume she doesn't love him, so he'll protect himself by not fessing up to loving her either. Then we'll get to watch, agonized, as his wee heart is crushed when Zoe gets together with George. I assume by season end, after the usual tribulations, each of them will have to do something to declare themselves, so that they can have an actual relationship. Let's face it, George is cute and seems like a "good catch", but he's not the guy for Zoe. I went back and watched older scenes and Zoe and Wade have been IT from episode 1 onward. He is her lobster. They're fated. I also LOVE Lemon and Lavon together. I wasn't expecting that twist but it was immediately obvious that they have a lot more chemistry than Lemon and George did, and something about it just works. She wants to be the queen of Bluebell, and Lavon is actually its king, so they need to be together. I think he's the only male character on the show who could both tolerate and understand her BS while also helping her grow into a better person. And for whatever reason, she's GOT him. So there you go.


I used to be a Gossip Girl fan, but it's so bad now that I would forget it was on until the last few minutes. Since it's so bad, the last few minutes were generally all one needed to see! Then Hart of Dixie would come on, and at first I thought this show was fairly flimsy and pointless, but now I love it. I have some difficulties with any show set in small-town Alabama that makes a black man the mayor and enthusiastic guardian of all the town's odd historical traditions. Maybe I missed the episodes that remembered Alabama's actual past, characterized by unrelenting and brutal racial violence? Oh well. I think there's an Asian waitress and Lavon's parents and occasional random bystanders of different races, but to me it looks like a show about white people in the south that has total amnesia about the south. Putting that basic problem aside, I found that I love this show. Rachel Bilson is great. I have no idea why people are so often bitching about her character. George is cute and seems like the right sort of guy for her and seems interested in her despite being engaged, and he was engaged to a woman who was horrible to Zoe and he didn't seem to love her. So why wouldn't Z have a crush on him? Of course she would. Meanwhile, Wade is about the smokingest hottest thing to ever grace a TV screen or, really, the earth. So the basic premise--that Zoe is in denial about her burning passion for Wade, the sort that any living female with any functioning sensory organs would immediately feel if Wade's character were a real person--works pretty darn well.


I am definitely team wade... Hope season 2 is as good as the first!


I am team Wade all the way..I think that Wade has real feelings for her,regardless of his player attitude, and their differences would compliment each other (and as someone else said, great make up sex)..I like George, but I think that them as a couple would be too easy. The only conflict there would be Lemon herself. I think Wade would also cause her to grow as a person, in just the finale alone you got to see her change a bit..with George I think it would be too easy for her to stay as she is.. nice, but a bit shallow.


Please make George and Zoe interesting next season. They really have chemistry and you honestly do not see a gentleman this day and time. I like Zoe with George not Wade? You had their fling (Zoe and Wade), now move on for her to be with George. (But keep the audience interested)!


It must be awesome to be Zoe. Beautiful, smart, a doctor, good sense in fashion, rich (i assume), and now, two of the hottest guy in town wants to be with her. And really, Wade and George are the two most hottest guy in Bluebell. Can I be Zoe now? Anyways, I don't think Lemon has the right to punch George. He didn't want to marry her since he found out about the cheating. He was doubting his feelings since then. And Lemon was the one stubborn enough to admit the truth.


What a finish !
Wade or George for Zoe & George or Lavon for Lemon. Season 2 when ???


I think wade and zoe should be together. wade has loved zoe from the beginning and has feelings for her. he seems so much more mature in this episode and him and zoe are zoo cute together. next season i think that zoe will kind of lead a double life, meaning with wade and george. what do you think?

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