Hart of Dixie Season Finale Photos: Wet Kiss Alert!

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Here comes the bride... but what about the groom?

On May 14, Hart of Dixie will air its first season finale, an episode aptly titled "The Big Day" because it's based around George and Lemon's wedding. Will they go through with the nuptials? What will happen when a storm threatens Bluebell? And what about Zoe and Wade, who get trapped inside a barn.

And end up in this compromising position:

Major Kiss Alert!

The CW has released a number of photos from a number of upcoming key episodes. Follow the links now for a look at The Vampire Diaries season finale and The Secret Circle season finale.

And then click around below for a look at the Hart of Dixie season-ender, which includes Wade in a tanktop; Zoe pondering her future; and Lavon staring down a swan:

Zoe and a Goat
Staring at a Swan
Wade in a Wife Beater
Tom and Lavon
Wet Wade
George with Zoe
George vs. Lavon
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I'm with "T" on this one; I really hope they don't just brush off some kind of wade/zoe hook-up; it should be a bit more real than that, considering how much build up there has been throughout the season. Besides that, they look adorable and I can't wait for the finale to see them get together! :) (unless it's like a "dream" sequence or something "playfully interrupts them" before they kiss, which I wouldn't be surprised by...) Also, I kind of see what Brandy is saying about Wade being immature, that's true, but he is still a much better choice than George. Wade just doesn't know how to approach a girl he really cares about, but has lately been trying to change. George, on the other hand, is engaged, but is still going through with a wedding to a twig who cheated on him...he comes with way more baggage than Wade and, honestly, doesn't seem as appealing. But yes, we are all entitled to our own opinions, so we'll just have to wait and see how the season (but hopefully not series) ends ~


I also feel that Wades a hypocrite for calling out Zoe and Goerge on thier feelings for each other despite George being engaged but Wade dosent tell himself that Zoe dosent like him(Wade) romantically but is in love with George. I see Wade &Zoe as child siblings, always hating each other, always fighting, playing pranks on each other.


Wade also acts like he's surprised when Zoe's mad at him for ruining things with Judson or putting her down, he acts like he should still have a shot with Zoe after admitting he thinks pretty little and low of her by calling her snobbish, selfish ect.


Feelings for her and get his life together but it also seems to me that Wade acts like if he can't date Zoe, no one else can either, he's ruined her chance at love and happiness with Judson, Jesse &George.


IthinkWade treated Zoe like dirt from sabotagting her date with Judson & betting on when they would break up to calling her spoiled selfish ect and pretty much telling her she can't date his brother(despite Wade having no claim on her, Zoe and Jesse being adults and willing to date each other) to the fact that he's always playing childish pranks on her to saying "if you're not going to be nice, I won't show you where the fuse box is" to having one or two chances to tell her he likes her and ask her but not doing it, in fact he laughed at her when she asked him if he liked her. I disagree that Wade & Zoe have great chemistry or that his being immature is part of his charm, I can't stand him and don't find him cute or charming at all.Yes he did secret nice things for her at first, but the last several episodes he's been a jerk to her. You're entitled to your opinion and me mine. Plus it seems to me that Wade wants Zoe to wait while he gets the nerve to ask her out/admit he has feelings for her & get his life together but if he can't date her, it seems he won't let anyone else date her either and he expects to date her/have a chance with her after admitting he thinks so little and low of her by calling her selfish, snobby ect.


Wade treats Zoe like dirt? You must be watching a different show. Let's see how much Wade has done for her: 1) Slept on her couch to protect her from a "ghost", 2) Made chili for her to win a contest and never told her, 3) Completed the parade float for her while she slept on a hay bale, 4) Got her to reach out to her father to operate on George's father, 5) Brought her to the snake house to identify what bit the little boy, etc. Is Wade immature, YES. But that is part of his charm and hopefully Zoe will challenge him to grow up a bit more. They have great chemistry.


Nooo Zoe run away from Wade & to George! Zoe &Wade are awful and Wades treated her like dirt, he dosent deserve her. Zoe &Goege belong together.


I am looking forward to some real moments between Zoe and Wade. All signs point to good things so hopefully it is good.


I can't decide if I'm happy with this or not. I'm totally Team Wade, but I don't want it to have any hint of Zoe "settling" or "just hormones" or something when they finally get together. At the same time: !!!!!!!! I know it's too much to hope for that the George/Lemon wedding actually happens. Personally, I want better for Lemon than that, but I also want them to stop forcing this triangle and realize that G/L actually fit as a couple. But that's SADLY not how these kinds of shows work.


more like ot beter be zoe and george wedding. wade and lemon made a far better couple that she and george, who obviously belongs with zoe.