The Secret Circle Season Finale Pics: "Family"

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Someone will die on The Secret Circle season finale. Who will it be? Take your best guess now.

As for what else fans can expect from the May 10 installment, titled "Family," Faye will get attacked by Witch Hunters, while Cassie will convince Diana to use her dark magic in order to save her friend. What sort of consequences will this act bring on?

The elders, meanwhile, will consider just how badly they actually want their powers back.

Get a look at this Thursday's "Prom" for an idea of how the show will build momentum for the finale - and then click through the following photos for a look at what's to come on "Family."

Dark Magic Users
Secret Circle Gathering
Charles Meade Photograph
Evil Eye from Faye
Balcoin Sisters
The Chamberlains
Racing to the Rescue
Secret Circle Scene
At Dawn
Jake on the Lookout

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Joe Lando is fantastic. I wish he got even more screen time. The Charles and Dawn storyline was floundering, John has brought some real depth to this show. And that the Blackwell character is so unpredictably shady is just delish. I think he cares for Cassie, and I also think he also has quite an agenda we have only just begun to see... I really hope we get to have Adam and Cassie back together in season 2 ~RENEWAL PLEASE~ I thought they were darling together. I am also wondering if Adam is also really aware of feelings for Cassie at this point, it seems perhaps he is just playing along now, like she is, but neither realizes the other is... oh, the agony of star-crossed lovers...


I am praying it isn't Blackwell who dies. The addition of his presence to the plot of this show has been amazing. Of course, the awesome acting by Joe Lando has made that possible. If there is a season two, I would like to see how the relationship between and he and his two daughters evolves. Also, looks like the finale will include the parents and the kids, so that makes for an interesting mix of young and old magic. I almost hate the show's finale is next week. I will miss it. and watching Joe Lando, weekly through out the summer. I hope this series' first season will be on DVD soon!


I think the next episode is on Thursday of next week it said it was so I'm sure I don't know and I think Cassie turns evil because of the crystal her father wanted that to happen


I HATE IT!!!!!!!! THIS SHOW LEFT A HOLE IN MY HEART WHEN NICK DIED AGAIN!!!!!! But Im still gonna watch it eben and John should die but to make it more interesting jack will die lol jk jk I wud never watch the show again can't wait for season finale


Can't Wait. This show ROCKS! I want Adam and Cassie back together and soon. I also love Jake with Faye. She makes the show more interesting along with Joe Lando of course. Maybe Melissa and Nick will reunite, assuming he survives.


This show is better then anything else on tv right now. I perfect Charles will be killed leaving the two half sisters on there own for next season. Dark magic twin powers activate!!


this series is just amazing !!! i love it!! second season [please!!!!


When Joe Lando came to the show, a strong actor began to get viewers attention. Joe has continually gotten better in his acting. His appearance began to give The Secret Circle a focal point


I love the show and agree its only gotten better and I really hope it gets a 2nd season.

Sarah silva

Well it will not be Cassie, Jake, Adam, Faye, Diana or Melissa. I think it will be Nick (again) or John.

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We have to get our powers back and help the circle and there is only one person who can make that happen.


The six of us together couldn't stop Samuel and he only had one demon in him, Eben has six!