Kate Walsh to Exit Private Practice After Season 6

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ABC is yet to announce that the 13-episode sixth season of Private Practice will be the show's last, but it's sure beginning to look that way.

Just days after Tim Daly confirmed he would not be returning to the ABC drama, Deadline now reports that star Kate Walsh is also on her way out. She'll exit the series after these 13 episodes are over.

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It's been known for some time that Walsh was interested in pursuing other avenues, considering she's played the character of Addison Montgomery for seven years when you account for her time on Grey's Anatomy.

But without ABC or Shonda Rhimes revealing whether the show will fold up without its lead, the question now must be asked: Should it? Should Private Practice go on without Kate Walsh?

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i won't watch without her addison is all i care about!!!!!if she stays i'll watch for sure but if not i'm leaving too with kate!!!


I love the character of addison but i think the show might actually be better without her, because where the story lines have taken it. plus id love kate walsh who plays the character and i would enjoy seeing her play someone else. besides im sure with the final 2 seasons of greys coming up she will guest star on a few episodes as addison.


I wish she'd go back to Grey's. Addison is the only person that should ever get with Sloane now that little Grey is dead


i think as long as Amelia, Charlotte, Cooper, Sam, and Violet are still there the show can go on. obviously i'll miss seeing Addison since she's been one of my favorite characters for seven years but i don't want to see it end just because she leaves. i love Amelia, Cooper and Charlotte way too much to see them go. if they started a new show with those three (and mason of course) i would be perfectly happy

Ga addict13

In order for Practice to continue, it would need to shift the focus to Amelia. Most became fans of Practice because of Grey's and that would keep the tie to the original show alive. And allow for crossovers more easily. Plus, if Amelia's there is a lot more room for growth in the show. CharCoop are great, but they are at a really settled point in their storyline. Either way Addison will be severely missed - both on Private Practice and on Grey's!!!!!


private practice without kate walsh is empty, so dont ever quit pleeeaaaseee


you know what i would really like to see.....
i don't follow private practice, but i do love grey's. it wouldn't be the first time addison up and move her whole life, maybe she's sick of cali...she hears about the crash and everything bad happening at seattle grace so she swoops in to help the hospital as a favor and takes care of mark after the loss of lexie not necessarly as a lover or gf but shes the only one mark ever tryed to love other than lexi and mark will need it. i always loved mark callie addison friendship it was so comical and sweet its almost as if heyre a whole separate team from mer cristina derek etc. alex and addy always had thing to though


Like the others who have said it, continue the show and focus are Charlotte and Cooper, they are the most interesting and inspiring part of the show anyway!


ER went on without George Clooney for many years, but I can't see the same happening with Private Practice. It is probably best to wrap it up, giving Addie a happy ending with a baby.


No! Its pointless!

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