Maggie Grace Cast in Key Californication Role

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A Californication spinoff has taken one step closer to reality.

The Showtime series has cast former Lost star Maggie Grace in an extended season six role: she'll come on board for nine episodes as Faith, a Catholic school girl who’s been exposed to the world of rock and roll for many years.

Faith is described as a "groupie" who has gotten involved with a number of artists, yet maintained her religious beliefs. Look for her, as you might expect, to cozy up to Hank.

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Californication returns with new episodes in 2013.


Very much excited to see Faith in upcoming season of Californication, as I got bored to watch same characters since long time.


I had heard of the spin off a while back, and now seeing Grace attached to it is all kinds of thrilling!


Awesome! I wasn't a fan of the Samurai portion of this season. He was too dangerous and unstable. And the story with his character interrupted the flow of Hank's world just a bit too much. Even though his ongoing love of Karen is old, it's what defines Hank. It's what makes us care about him, no matter how far off the beaten path he goes. The Samurai thing was a complication that didn't advance the narrative at all. It tried to create a new one, and failed. I was willing to suspend my wariness at the beginning of the season, such is my respect for the writer(s). But felt disappointed at the end. Hopefully, this announcement about Maggie Grace represents a return to the story arc we know and care about. Even maybe l-word a bit. :)

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