Missing Series Finale Review: Lost and Found

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Well, it's been quite an intense ride. To be honest, I wasn't sure how Missing was going to end since the finale was shot before the news of the cancellation came about, so I spent much of "The Rain on the Evil and on the Good" holding my breath.

One thing I was pretty sure of, and I was right, was that in the finale Becca would be doing every single thing possible to get her son back. She was ready to go to lengths she hadn't gone to before.

Becca's Last Effort

I was so relieved when Becca got Dax on the phone. I've mentioned before that if these two could finally get onto the same page and really trust each other that they could make a lot of headway. It took 10 episodes, but they did.

It's clear that Violet had messed with Dax's head a lot. Things got to a boiling point on this finale. First, Dax put himself on the line to bust Paul out of jail. I love that after everything Becca had been through, she still insisted Michael be rescued by both parents. Paul may have faked his death and just resurfaced days ago, but he was crucial in protecting Michael behind the scenes and he is still his father.

As far as things getting to a boiling point, a person can only be pushed so far before he/she breaks and it was clear that Becca was hitting her limit with her patience. When Violet tried to break free and Dax and Paul tried to coax information out of her, I knew a torture situation was coming. Holy crap, was that some speech Becca delivered. Violet may not have believed Becca would go through with it, but I didn't hesitate for a second. Becca is a mother bear protecting her cub.

Meanwhile, Michael was getting suspicious and I was gearing up for him and Oksana to make a run for it. Finally, everything came to a head and when Michael and Becca spotted each other I let out a huge exhale and tears welled up in my eyes. These tears were let out in heaving sobs and hour later on the Grey's Anatomy finale, but I digress. It was a beautiful Winstone family reunion and Martin Newman was no more.

Personally, I wish that after the producers knew the show had been cancelled, that they went back in and edited out the last scene of Becca getting kidnapped. Now that there is no second season it would've been good to just end things on a happy note. After all, how often do we get a happy ending on TV these days? I really enjoyed the ride that Missing took us on with it's phenomenal cast and intriguing storyline. What did you all think? Hit the comments!


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This was a great show Im still stunned this was cancelled by abc yeah revenge is great but so is missing.
Come on admit you made a mistake and renew missing


OMG...is this for real? They cancelled Missing??? I was glued to every episode & it kept me sitting up instead of falling asleep. I have no idea why their not bringing it back. I am beyong devastated!


Oh God I cant believe it was cancelled! I loved this show. For how long we are going to keep watching garbage thas does not get cancelled and should"". ABC is again making a bad call.


I cant believe they cancelled it. It was a great show.


Canceling this show is a travesty! This is quality TV. Why on earth would Thirs be cancelled? Your demographics are way off! It is the baby boomers who watch TV. 18 to 34 are on computers and iPads etc. The bulk of the population is over ;0 ! Get with the program people!


Again, this is another example of how a good show gets cancelled while so much other rubbish keeps getting renewed season after season. Honest, I wonder who runs these networks, obviously Homer Simpson. We all need some good escapism these days, yet just when the networks get their act together to give us good quality entertainment, they axe it just as quickly! Missing was a great show with a strong cast and engaging storyline. They could have softened the blow by ending the series on a positive note, rather than ending with the bloody car scene. Not happy!!


Missing is sooo good! They need to bring it back!


ABC is so stupid i would love to see how they make there decisions my whole family would get together to watch...they leave the junk and take the good stuff nice job


Missing was awesome. I can't believe they have cancelled it. This is a big part of why I don't stick with ABC. They don't realize people want to see shows like this instead of all the Reality Shows. Please bring it back.


Missing was different without any weak episodes. Like others who've taken time to comment I'm lost to understand this shows cancellation. It was different and really hit parents who could see them selves living the same pain if this had happened to them.
However SHAME on those who didn't watch this program during ratings periods thats the only thing producers really care about, we should be ashame of ourselves.

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Missing Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Nobody actually dies from a broken heart, even though they wish they could.


Martin Newman, I can't imagine the portrayal you must feel.

Dax [to Becca]