NCIS: LA Season 3 Finale Preview: Explosive!

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NCIS: LA promises an explosive season finale. Even by its highly explosive standards.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years and that explosion, in the world of blowing things up, is a triple A+,” says executive producer Shane Brennan of the scene shown in the promo below.

“That explosion hasn’t been enhanced with any computer graphics at all. When you see it on air, we have not touched it. The audience, because they’ve gotten so used to seeing these things on movies and in television, they often make the assumption that you’ve added some computer graphics ... none. We have done nothing to it.”

See what he's talking about in CBS' preview for the two-hour "Sans Voir" below:

In the third-season ender, Callen & Co. battle their old adversary, the Chameleon.

While pursuing a clue that will lead them to their bad guy, part of the team finds itself in a fiery situation at a warehouse, after their plan “goes a little south,” according to Brennan.

That's putting it mildly. It's hard to imagine Sam (LL Cool J) doesn't make it out alive, but both NCIS and its spinoff have been known to go down surprisingly dark roads at times.

“Something happens in the first hour that catches them by surprise. They’re blindsided,” Brennan tells EW. “Then in the second half of this movie-length finale, they’re in uncharted waters."

"They’ve never experienced this kind of thing, and it takes Callen to a place that is quite disturbing. It takes Hetty to a place that she’s been to before, and we’ve alluded to before in earlier episodes."

"So by the end of the finale, the audience will be asking what we’re going to do next season because everyone is sort of facing in a different direction."

"It is as upsetting of a finale as I’ve ever done - in terms of the audience not liking me very much when I’m done, when they’re finished watching. Either one of these could have been a season finale.”

Talk about broad statements designed to get people talking and setting expectations high, but the crazy thing is that with this show and its cast, they're usually met or even exceeded.

Share your predictions for the can't-miss event in the comments below.

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hi i was wathing csi miami on 10 /1/13 why must you have music when the show is playing it is there any way you can elimanate it. rich


My theory is that they are faking the chameleon's death (made him a deal) but they had to make it look good. Callen is arrested. The Iranian is who they are really after so they are trying to flush him out by making him think he got away with everything. If the Chameleon is still alive then Callen will be set free.


Still trying to find info on the song played at the end of the episode?


No hetty? Why, when a show is such a success, does someone feel they need to "twik" something? Lot of good shows are in the volts, aging, because someone had to change something when the chemistry on the show is so keen and sensational to start with and ended up killing a marvelous series. I wasn't sure how I would take to NCIS, LA when it first started out but it didn't take long for it to grow on me and now I'm hooked. Linda Hunt is a BIG part of the success the show has seen, so why mess things up now? Leave well enough alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keep G and Sam together please. I hope it plays out as just a thought or him dreaming he really shot him but didn't...Don't wanna lose G...I would love to also finally see some chemistry between Kensi & Deekes, I think they ate the cutest couple I love them together especially when they go undercover together!!! They have do much chemistry!!!


Still no answer on the last song played when Callen shot the Chameleon as he was getting out of the truck?? It had the lyrics "Phoenix to be rising above the roof" and also, "Your next move, what's it gonna be?" Does no one in the whole world know this song?? Lots of people are asking for the name or artist, but no information forthcoming at all?? I wonder why?


Hey ... those cops? why did they just happen on the scene..? NCIS agents for the pretense of arresting Callen and Oh the guy he shot? blanks ...or rubber bullets .. he has info NCIS needs and the best way to get it is to pretend he is dead, Hetty? shoot she resigns every week... no prob, a few cups of tea or swigs of single malt ...she will be back...


They shouldn't lose any of the characters. They have great chemistry. I don't think the guy is dead. It is probably a ploy to put the crook in protective custody. Can't wait til next year.


Wow! Callen in next season should either be let go and the hype to story that the man was wearing a bomb, or hetty can resign and break callen out ...I love hetty though wish she could stay. But can't replace with that Guy . Deeks and Mackenzie should finally hook up. And Sam continue with callen granted he is cleared. So much....on Nell should make a physical move on her secret crush Eric.


Sorry Skylar, that was it til next season

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