NCIS: LA Season 3 Finale Preview: Explosive!

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NCIS: LA promises an explosive season finale. Even by its highly explosive standards.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years and that explosion, in the world of blowing things up, is a triple A+,” says executive producer Shane Brennan of the scene shown in the promo below.

“That explosion hasn’t been enhanced with any computer graphics at all. When you see it on air, we have not touched it. The audience, because they’ve gotten so used to seeing these things on movies and in television, they often make the assumption that you’ve added some computer graphics ... none. We have done nothing to it.”

See what he's talking about in CBS' preview for the two-hour "Sans Voir" below:

In the third-season ender, Callen & Co. battle their old adversary, the Chameleon.

While pursuing a clue that will lead them to their bad guy, part of the team finds itself in a fiery situation at a warehouse, after their plan “goes a little south,” according to Brennan.

That's putting it mildly. It's hard to imagine Sam (LL Cool J) doesn't make it out alive, but both NCIS and its spinoff have been known to go down surprisingly dark roads at times.

“Something happens in the first hour that catches them by surprise. They’re blindsided,” Brennan tells EW. “Then in the second half of this movie-length finale, they’re in uncharted waters."

"They’ve never experienced this kind of thing, and it takes Callen to a place that is quite disturbing. It takes Hetty to a place that she’s been to before, and we’ve alluded to before in earlier episodes."

"So by the end of the finale, the audience will be asking what we’re going to do next season because everyone is sort of facing in a different direction."

"It is as upsetting of a finale as I’ve ever done - in terms of the audience not liking me very much when I’m done, when they’re finished watching. Either one of these could have been a season finale.”

Talk about broad statements designed to get people talking and setting expectations high, but the crazy thing is that with this show and its cast, they're usually met or even exceeded.

Share your predictions for the can't-miss event in the comments below.

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Obviously Callen will be back next season-he is the main character.
I don't like Heddy so don't care if she comes back next season(I'm one of the few people that don't like her). I think it will turn out that the Chamelion is not dead and they made it look like he died for a higher purpose like him helping NCIS get the bad guys that are going after the agent in Iran


If it is the end of season - pretty good. If you will notice as it seems in TV land - the shots were all into the left shoulder and we didn't see the last shot. Could it be that the "prisoner" had on a bullet proof jacket of sorts or some other protection and it was made to look good for everyone - including Hetty and the gang!


I was pretty upset with the ending. My question was though... was that part one or was it both parts put together??? I am hoping it was part one... if you noticed in the beginning credits it said part one written by: and then part two written by:
I hope that means there will be the second part before next season. Callen was my favorite character. He was the brains of the outfit. AND Hetty can't just leave... and the only one to stop her would be Callen. Something has to happen before the next season. I know that as a writer. You don't just do that to TV audiences. MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED THAT THERE WILL BE A PART TWO NEXT TUESDAY.


@ Kay
Your so right samething if something big happen on NCIS LA it does not get mention on NCIS like I bet you callen being arrested will not be meantion on NCIS next season.


If my name sake is leaving the show, what a way to go! But at 10 Pm I was screaming my head off. " Shoot him! all five of you... you have probable cause...He has done it before. He won't drop the phone. The woman in the car is screaming. Phones can set off bombs....Grow a set of balls!!! He promised to kill you! Do you see any lack of resolve?? Then I was supprised to learn there would be another hour of the show. Heddi was always always a class act and will be missed. both NCIS writing staff out did themselves and show why they are #1. See you at the EMMYS.


If Hetty is gone then I'm outa here! She is the link that keeps all the other characters together. I have always admired Linda Hunt's work - she's the best!


Ducky dead in NCIS. Callen being arrested for 1st degree murder and Hedy gone in NCIS:LA I'm done


Lose Callan lose viewers, thats it. I like LL Cool J but better he than Callan.


He didnt die. Callen got arrested


If Callen leaving, I will not watch that show.. Callen and Sam are the main focuses!

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