NCIS Promo & Photo Gallery: "Up In Smoke"

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NCIS' outstanding season-ending arc continues next week with "Up in Smoke."

Last night's installment, "Playing With Fire," picked up where the previous week's "Rekindled" left off. Both hours were terrific, with the team hot on an arsonist's trail and desperate to stop a terrorist's next move.

That terrorist now has a name and face: Harper Deering, played by The West Wing's Richard Schiff. He makes his debut next week, while Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Dr. Samantha Ryan.

The stakes are raised again as team tracks down Deering and tries to ascertain what secrets could be in enemy hands after a high-tech bug is found inside a probationary agent Ned Dorneget's tooth.

Watch the promo for "Up in Smoke" below:

Meanwhile, the festivities for Jimmy Palmer’s upcoming wedding continue with the bachelor party, planned by "best man" Abby. What will that entail? Click to enlarge the photos from the episode:

A Night Out With NCIS
Palmer's Bachelor Party
Gibbs and Ryan Pic
Abby and Palmer
Ducky, Abby and Gibbs
Jim Palmer Pic
Bachelor Party Time!
Gibbs and Ducky Pic
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Yes infact she suppose to replace whoever leaving the show in the opening cerdits also we know that Harper Deering, played by The West Wing's Richard Schiff will be back next season as well


I can't wait til she is gone either. I feel that when she is on she drags down the show. Is she supposed to appear next season I hope not.


@Amy. Thank you for the truce. I apologize for my actions as well. It is nice to meet another NCIS fan whom is so passionate about a show they have invested years watching. For the record, it was you who started with “you are both idiots�. Responding only to that portion of your comment and I went on the attack. I should have just let it go. I have to remember that everyone has a right to express their opinion. BTW, I cannot wait until Jamie Lee Curtis is gone.


You know what ValS. You are right. I went too far with my posts. Even though I do not agree with you that was no reason to insult you. I can tell that both of us are passionate about this show. How about calling a truce to this war of words and agree to disagree. If I disagree with you I will tell you but not insult you and call you names. I do agree with you that JLC is a waste of space character and that he should find somebody who has nothing to do with NCIS, government, or is a lawyer.


You want to know something. I do agree with part of your posts. I am angry because when I see somebody bash my favorite show just because they don't like a certain character I tend to get angry. I don't like Jaime Lee Curtis on there either but it is still my number one show so I still watch it but I don't insult the stars. And I do know how to read. My computer messed the posts so I read one that was not yours. I went back and reread them and no you don't say anything about Tony and Ziva so you are right on that also. However I would like to point out that you started the insults and I was just showing you some of your own medicine.


Tony and Ziva? I never said anything about them. That let's the world know You cannot Read, Moron!. Go ahead, Type on..


And one more thing. I may be only "8" but at least I can type.


Bite Me moron. How do you know what the fans think. Is there a group of you idiots who feel a certain way and the rest of us that don't agree with you 'true fans aren't fans of the show. What show are you even watching. If you have such a big problem with Tony and Ziva then why even watch. That's like saying I don't like this but I am going to eat it anyway just so I can have a reason to complain. Do you have some sort of poll that is telling you what so called true fans like. Just because I like Tony and Ziva together doesn't mean that I am not a fan of the show. I have every single season on DVD and watch it every time it comes on. Are you going to tell the millions that have no problem with Tony and Ziva together that they aren't fans. And by the way Tony is a just a character so quit acting like a jealous woman. You need to go out and find a real man not a fictional one. Oh and by the way I can't go out to bars. I am only eight remember.


@ Amy… What are you 8 years old? I speak for The True Fan's, something you do not seem to be. You Little Girl are bitter and angry and seem to get your kicks off insulting people. You need to get a life. Go to a bar, or hang out with friends. From reading your post it sounds like you don’t have any friends. Shame.


You both are idiots. You seem to speak for all fans when in fact I don't even think you speak for half. How do you know what most fans want. Nowhere have I seen it where most of the fans have a problem with Tony and Ziva. You seem to think that because you people have a problem with them then everyone else does. Stop assuming that everyone agrees with you. Oh and by the way learn to type. I feel like I am reading comments typed by eight year old.