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Michael go away and do something interesting with your life, leave Ziva a lone I like her, think there should be a lot more Tiva for next season that is if MW is still with the show


do you dentis is from Monk I just notices also I still think that Zorkel567 from NCIS squadroom is right
Deering's son could have been on Cape Fear, from Hiatus, which is shy he blames Gibbs for not stopping the attack. It would explain why is blowing up ships, just like how Cape Fear blew up.


I wish it was possible to ban Michael from posting stupid comments and hate
for Ziva all the time. I will not come back to this site because of him/her/it. What a shame. What a sad pathetic fool.


I am very suspicious of Dr. Ryan. I don't know if she is playing Gibbs or, is Gibbs playing her ? Oh boy, only time will tell.

I did enjoy the fact that Jimmie was so in character all upset about how his Bachelor Party would turn out. Loved Abby to death last night. I adore Dorney too. Is there ANYONE that Abby can not work with? Amazing.

Holding my breath for next weeks Finale .......


Zorkel567 from NCIS squadroom brought these up and now that I think about it seem kinda of cool

"Anybody else think Deering's son could have been on Cape Fear, from Hiatus, which is shy he blames Gibbs for not stopping the attack. It would explain why is blowing up ships, just like how Cape Fear blew up."

Gary Glasberg is a smart man if these true out to be true


I was hoping this season finale would rekindle my love for NCIS which is rapidly disappearing. I'm sick of Ryan & all of the time this season devoted to Gibbs & Tony with no improvement for either character to show for all of the time spent on them. After 7 years of waiting for Tony & Ziva to get together let me know that will never happen so I can move on to other series. They are basically the big draw to NCIS for me and without Tiva I'm losing interest fast.
One suggestion to TPTB ,dump Gary Glasberg before he totally skuttles the show. He's on the fast track to destrying the NCIS I knew & loved.


maybe Ryan love gibbs and want to save him I mean they had such great chemistry it be sad to see it go Just look at Tony and EJ their chemistry was off the wall and then she got screw over for Tiva


I think Ryan is behind the whole thing. She's a double agent. Why else would she be trying so hard to get close to Gibbs??????? I don't blame him for NOT trusting her.


I think Gibbs sees Ryan as too secretive, an his famous gut is telling him something is just not right, she plays too many mind games, i hope she gets arrested by Gibbs in the end. I actually like Vance character hope he does not get killed he adds mystery to the show, there just this mystery about him yet to be revealed. JLC she can go, Gibbs and her have no chemistry


The thing that really hurt gibbs was he allowed Tony and Mcgee to bring Ziva back on the team after all the horrible thing she did so if Dr. Ryan did something to break gibbs trust he MUST! forgive her because he forgive Ziva for her horrible thing.

Dr. Ryan just remind me of a older Ziva because if you look at them they both say they love the men in their life but well Ziva more then Dr. Ryan treat them like hitler treated the Jews.

Just like they have taken Tony skill away and given them to Ziva they taken Gibbs coolness of being a bad ass away and given it to Ziva as well when Gibb call Ziva his favroite children(agent) Last year that really Kill a lot of gibbs fan to see how far he has fallen.

I am looking forward to next week I hope its as good as the P2P finish,be fan to see what happen to Tony,Mcgee and Abby since the actor have not sign a new contact yet. As for Ducky should stay where he belongs they should only show next year how he and gibbs meet other then that he just not that what eles do we need to know.

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