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New Grey's Anatomy Clips: Who's Out?

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The four Grey's Anatomy sneak peeks we posted yesterday hinted at some of the major decisions hanging over the residents' heads. Now Owen is pushing them to make those decisions. Fast.

In the latest preview for tomorrow night's penultimate Season 8 episode, Hunt demands to know who's out and who's coming back, so he can start making personnel decisions accordingly.

Boston or Seattle. Gulp. Will Meredith and Derek be packing up and leaving?

Meanwhile, Arizona pleads with Nick to have the operation that could save him, while he questions what the point would be, and whether his supposed best friend really has his back.

Watch the two additional clips from "Migration" and comment below:

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What a shocker...........didn't want to lose anyone. Feel bad for Lexie's character....When does Season 9 resume?


Arizona is a goner and Karev will take her place at Seattle. :(


Everyone on the plane lives. Richard webber dies of a heart attack back in Seattle making a farewell dinner for the residents. Everyone stays at Seattle grace to grieve and to be together... "we are all family now, we stay together..." Karev stays at Seattle grace but gives up all the money and bonuses that Hunt promised to him so he can hire April back. Anything I missed?


Ok so here is what I think it cant be Calli because she has already had her "near death experience" if they were going to cut her character they would have already. Meredith, Alex, Shepard, and Yang signed their contracts. THe whole lexi mark thing brings up a question though. there is no way that they would do all of that confession stuff before the crash if they were going to just kill her off because they are all about the in the moment i think we are going to die so lets tell you how i feel stuff. like izzy and alex and izzy and denny sheperd and grey burk and christina i mean no way they are killing lexi. Avery, Baily, April, and Karev were not on the plane so its none of them so that leave arazona. done and done.


I do not care.. I still think Dr. Hunt is bisexual.


Like some have's interesting people are assuming someone on the plane dies...very possible they give another "George-like cliffhanger ending", but also possible it's not (though it seems Derek is missing and may have went out the side of the plane prior to hitting ground by the preview). However, a possibility not thrown out there yet...Adele (Richard's wife with a progressing bad disease)...note how her character has been getting more and more missing over the years...could be as simple as her and they are cliffhanging people to think a major character when it may not be...Look forward to seeing next week.


I think Lexi dies. She finally tells Mark she loves him and wants to be with him , but she dies in this plane crash. There really hasn't been much going on with her anyways and I think that if Mark was gonna be with her he would have chosen her over Julia already.
Arizona is another guess, but really? Is Rhimes really gonna leave Callie alone again? First she divirces George and the he gets hit by a bus, then Erica leaves her in a parking lot, and now Arizona dies in a plane crash? Really? If it's her I'm gonna be pissed and Grey's will be ruined for me.


ok i think it will be april. the bar she was drinking at was at the airport right. and being how she lost everything and has been really crazy lately and who knows where she went when she left the bar they never showed. i'm thinking april aboarded the plane as the pilot and she is the one who crashed it. thats just my guess. i really can't see anyone one esle dieing they have to much going on with the show to leave now. there's a whole new beginning for everyone. can't wait till next week.


remember what cristina says while watching arizona yelling at karev... i guess that was a hint about arizona dying... and i do hope it's her, besides, it's the only way to force karev to stay at seattle grace.


I think it is the chick that failed her boards, April. I think that she will become depressed and either get into a DWI or commit suicide. That seems to be the logical thing...but then that is too simplistic and too obvious, isn't it?

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