Nikita Season Finale Review: Here We Go Again!

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Here we go again!

Nikita came full circle in the finale, "Homecoming." Nikita and Michael returned to their Division home to take down Percy. Not only did they succeed, but they did the only thing they could -- took control!

Nikita in Black

Throughout the year, Nikita has struggled with her role at Division and those that she left behind. Carla wanted Division to be restored to its original mission of saving the recruits and giving them a second chance by serving their government. Nikita was convinced that was not possible. Is it now?

When Percy regained control of Division, he acted invincible. Yes, he had a brilliant and manipulative plan. His plot was complicated, but he rolled it out convincingly and it never felt contrived or unrealistic. Last Friday, we got the first twist that Percy wasn't building a bomb, but instead a satellite weapon. In the end, the manipulation was that he didn't have a full-fledged weapon at all, only a little plutonium.

That's all Percy needed to get the President to capitulate. The end game for Percy was to move on to a bigger and badder international organization. My only complaint about the finale and this storyline is about this connection. The United States has a non-negotiation policy, so why did the President give in to Percy? And, that control wouldn't be permanent so, why would the big nefarious organization let him join?

Ultimately, neither of those things mattered because Percy was killed. His belief that he was invincible got the better of him. He could have walked out a free man, but he had to take Nikita down. That cost him his life. The image of him falling and crashing through his glass prison was a satisfying end.

While Percy thought he was unbeatable, it was Roan that had more lives that a cat. But, he too was killed. The pair of them had a good run, but it was time to say goodbye. Surprisingly, I wasn't at all sad to see either of them die. It was time to move the story forward and in a new direction.

Nikita's manipulation of the Vice President was smart and honorable. When she showed up at Division with all the guns pointed at her, it was concerning, but her heartfelt speech to those left was uplifting. She was not going to let them be exterminated; they deserved the second chance they were promised.

Ryan taking over is the perfect solution ... for now. With Nikita and Michael's help, Division can clean up the mess left by Percy. Nikita and Michael have the respect of those behind. They understand each other, as they were all misled about Division's purpose. Plus, Ryan has the intellect to oversee their operations. Will they be able to maintain integrity as Carla felt was possible? Or, will the Division's power corrupt even the honest Team Nikita?

While this finale would have been a satisfying series finale, I'm thankful that we get to see more. I'm especially glad that all of Team Nikita survived. They formed their own version of a family this year and it would have been heartbreaking if any of them died. I wasn't sad to see either Percy or Roan die. Their deaths open up a whole new world of story for season three. Were you upset by their deaths? Happy that all of Team Nikita survived?

Odds and Ends

  • Will Alex and Sean go out on a date? I hope so. Since they survived this mission, they deserve some happiness.
  • The Birkhoff and Sonya kiss -- wow! That was awesome. They have been on opposite sides all season, but their interactions were full of subtle heat.
  • Amanda now has an unencrypted black box. With Percy dead, what will she use it for? Will she use it to get back into the new Division? Or, will she be a foe on the outside causing Team Nikita problems?
  • The big nefarious international organization is still out there. Team Nikita wasn't really aware of it beyond Percy's mention to Nikita about moving on. Will it be Division's mission to bring them down next season?
  • Nikita: You are not invisible. You exist. And, if they want to get to you. They have to get through me first. | permalink
  • Alex: Here we go?
    Nikita: Here we go again. | permalink


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Nikita,alex,michael and burcof will take out percie en rule division.


Walter, I don't know if you will see this again, but I just watched this episode and Nikita says to Alex: "Do you remember what I said when I had you first infiltrate Division?" Alex: "Here we go?" Nikita, response to what was going to happen: "Here we go again.", meaning that Alex was back to help with Division (maybe if she wants...don't know if she has a choice...depends on her signing contract...haha)


Please tell me when the first episode of NIKITA (Season 3) is!!!


Can someone please tell what Nikita said to alex to make her say "here we go"


First they lose Owen and now Percy? WTF. The team that Nikita was inadvertently assembling should have included Owen because he was the first Division agent she won over to her side. I'm honestly surprised that the writers have been able to write for the Sean and Ryan characters but got stumped when it came to incorporating a bona fide Guardian and the evil Percy into the Nikita narrative long-term, even if they were to remain as mere recurring characters. It's just plain lazy and very annoying. Honestly, what reason does a navy seal have for continuing to hang out with a bunch of rogue agents (other than the obvious romantic liaison)? What does this character bring to the table that is more worthwhile/worth watching than a former Guardian with first-hand knowledge of the internal workings of Division, or the devious mastermind who transformed Division into a high-class spy/terrorist organization? This is just like 24: reckless disregard for building characters throughout a season, no, just kill them off post-haste and on to the next one. This series had such lofty beginnings that it's sad to watch it plateau and sink. I don't see it lasting beyond next season.


That is good, keep it up so what is the latest season ?


that's good where another episode good bress u and ur family


Division is dead. Long live Division.


Great Finale..
One of the best if not the best.


To Pooter: Go troll elsewhere. I notice you're the only one with negative comments in here. Season 2 finale was excellent. I think the organization that Percy wanted to join will probably be the main villains for Season 3. Obviously Amanda and Ari are going to end up working with them somehow (they do have the black box unencrypted now). Also Pooter: You WILL watch Season 3 if you even watched Nikita at all. You know why? Because if you have watched every episode then you would've seen that there has ALWAYS been a romantic element to the show and if you put up with it for 2 seasons, you'll do it again. I do. I watch it for the action and the story lines (and Maggie Q) like all the other men that watch this show.

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