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Is it just me or did the writers forget that when Percy's heart stop beating it signals the Guardians to release the information in the unfound black boxes? Just a thought. :)


What sucks is that the CW isn't moving Nikita off the Friday night death slot. Instead, Nikita will return for season 3, on Fridays as usual, but also on IN A NEW TIME SLOT - 9 TO 10 PM! THAT'S EVEN LATER THAN NOW (8-9 PM EST).

What a Pyrrhic victory. An epic spy drama gets renewed, and is then condemned to Friday night.


Woo-hoo! Team Nikita is taking over Division! This was a greate finale and I'm so happy it was only a season finale. Every time Sean kept pushing Alex to say yes to him, I laughed then got worried she'd say yes and he'd die soon afterwards. But nope, they tricked me and I couldn't be happier about it. Love that Ryan will be. Regular next season and that Team Nikita stayed intact. Percy is a great villain, but his time had come. I'm hoping that Amanda is not the main villain next years as that seems like retreading old ground. I want a resolution to her story arc but am more interested in learning more about this group that Percy was so eager to join. I can't wait for season 3!


I loved this episode I have to say it was the best episode out of them all and it is deffinetly my favorite season finale in the whole world. I can't wait till season 3 it will be amazing and im so happy they renewed the show. When Percy died I was so happy I've been waiting to see that forever and when Nikita was holding on to him and he kept asking her to pull him up I just kept thinking drop him drop him drop him and then she did and he landed in his little box where he started the season in which I found I little funny. I'm so glad roans dead I just keep thinking when I see him when is he going to die a mean he survived so many things where others that where there died. I'm so glad they didn't kill any of team Nikita off. When birkoff kissed Sonya I was so happy it was a great moment. I really can't wait for season 3 I really want to know what's going to happen.


LOL! Birkhoff working his mojo on Sonya!

I love that the season ends with Nikita speaking to Alex, "Here we go again!"

Poor Sean, he never got a yes! LOL!

Oh yea! Team Nikita running Division. I think next season's problems would be be Ryan trying to answer to the President's demands of the organization while struggling to keep Team Nikita's interests. That would be great. Me love some intense moments between Ryan and Nikita. I did ship them way WAYY before Michael and Nikita. heheheh

BRINGGGGGGG OWEN BACK PLEASE!! I love that Nikita remembers one of his speeches to her: "When they gave you the power to kill, they also gave you the power to protect." :) It's so true and pushed her to make that final decision.


P.S Is the Terminator really dead? lol.


Fantastic Nikita finale! I love Nikita and Michael but Alex and Sean are adorable! I can't wait for next season.


The ending of the season final look more like the series final to me because they filmed it before they were renewed. Also the ending was totally not what I expected about who died. Yes, Percy was shown that he was dead but for Roan we never really saw if he is dead or not. Remember he is labled the Terminator and always bounces back. There was an interview on Friday Craig Silverstein made that is on the IMDb board. It sounds like they are still debating to bring Roan back in Season 3 to maybe take revenage on Percy's death.
Nikita and team should caputure Roan and take him of the regiment he is on like Owen did and bring him to their side too. He would be a great asset to the Nikita team.


Great finale..need season 3 asap...
@ pooter
Why r u her.shut up!!!


What a crap finale and let down. Killed off the best characters: Percy and Roan and everybody else got loved up at the end. Roan bested by the Princess and the seal??Pathetic! Pass the barf bucket. I hope they cancel season 3.Without Percy the show will just be an action friends type drama and will focus on team Smugita`s couples personal relations.

To Osama.

I recommend you watch Breaking Bad or Homeland if you want to see truly great drama.


This was a terrific episode!! I knew we were going to see Amanda again--I wonder, though, if she sides with the new cartel or if she has to work with Nikita/Division to defeat the new cartel.

I really hope Percy is dead LOL I don't see how he could've survived that fall, though, and he looked pretty dead.

We cheered when Birkhoff kissed Sonya and laughed through all the Alex/Sean banter. All the couples have such on-screen chemistry--how do they NOT date, off the set? LOL

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