Nina Dobrev on Vampire Diaries Season 4: A New Beast

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Let any speculation cease: Elena will most definitely transition on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere.

There was really never doubt that the final scene of this month's finale would lead to that development, but Nina Dobrev made it especially clear on The CW Upfront red carpet last Thursday.

"I'm vampire-squared now," the actress told Us Weekly, referring to both Elena and Katherine. "I'm playing two vampires, so my challenge is going to be making them different, as I have thus far. Before it was because one's a vampire one's a human - it was easy - and now I have to try and make Elena a vampire."

Dobrev added that the main struggle for Elena will be holding on to her "humanity." As well as still having to figure out with whom she's meant to be: Stefan or Damon?

"Finding out that she chose Stefan even though she actually met Damon first... there's so much going on and there are so many emotions," Dobrev said. "It's going to be a new beast going into Season 4."

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I think that elena will choose damon because if she becomes a vampire her memories will cone back and she will remember that she met damon first and stefan , Damon compelled elenathe first time they met which is why she cannot remember anything


I don't know who to root for:( I want Elena to pick Stefan, but something about Damon makes me want her to pick him.. I just don't know who to pick!!


stephan lvs elena so mch, h left hr yes, bt t ws bcoz h ddnt wnt hs bro 2 die, n even wen h hd lost hs humanity, h tried hs best 2 protect hr, y do u think stephan ddnt tel klaus wen h saw hr hidin in his room in vegas.? y ddnt h tel klaus's witch hu hd d neckless.? O h stakd hmself even wen klaus compelld hm 2 kill elena.? H hd hs dark moments yes bt h neva stopd lvn hr


damon and alena no .look wat damon did to carolyn damon true that he's after beautiful girls ,but klos and carolyn yaap


It is very exciting to know who she's going to choose!! Damon - the dark, inviting, protective one , or Stefan- the romantic, sweet, gentleman one..... It will shock viewers whose chooses!!! I mean she DOES love me both! She's kissed them both! Damon was the one there for her even when shepushed him away, while Stefan lost his humanity! Stefan was there for her in the beginning!! Well, we'll just have to wait and see! Don't we?! :D


what about Bone and Jeremy,did they finally resolve their differences ? talk about them too coz they also make interesting characters too


guys ,look at this, it doest matter who met who fast,what matters is who she loves the most.if it was me ,i would go for Stephan coz he has been doing every thing for Elena from the day he met her .
it has been only her since that time till now .but Damon has had other girls on the way whom he loved the likes of Rose etc and also played with for example Caroline etc .remember Caroline tried Stephen but he refused her because the only person he was in love with was Elena ,he hasn't had any temptation at all meaning his love for Elena is real compared for that of Demon ,
To me i think Demon likes having fun with any beautiful girl he comes across .but Stephan will stick to Elena only and only her .remember what they have gone through since the day they doesn't make sense to throw away the love they have for each other just like that


Damon is the one that would be the funnest to watch. We already have seen Elena with Steffen, and I feel like it was just way to story book perfect, and predictable!!! ugh!! I think the this show needs some thrill---I'm team Damon all the way, plus he's who I'd choose if it were me. what can I say, I'm a sucker for the tall dark handsome guys with the killer eyes.


All the way with Damon, his love for Elena is real and passionate, aint saying that Stefan's isn't, but Damon and Elena bring out the sparks. Dalena


Everyone thinks that Damon is wayyy hotter.. an don't get me wrong.. he is definitely hott. But I think Stefan is hotter .. an truthfully I'm not sure on who she should choose .. the whole first second and most of the third season, I was strongly routing for Stefan .. but that last episode of season 3 when Damon has that flash back of them meeting first.. it kinda made me feel like Damon is who she should choose.. but I am definitely a Stefan fan an I'm not giving up on him that easily ..

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