Once Upon a Time Season Finale Pics, Preview: Good vs. Evil

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Will Henry survive live to see season two? How far will Regina and Emma go to save their son? Is the end of the long-standing curse?

These are just a few of the questions Once Upon a Time fans are asking themselves following "An Apple Red as Blood," the penultimate episode of the ABC hit's opening season. How will they be answered on the finale?

Look for Emma and Regina to actually team up in order to save Henry's life, while Charming tries to escape from the Evil Queen’s grasp so he reunite with Snow White on "A Land Without Magic."

Click through a handful of photos from the season finale now and then watch the official ABC trailer:

A Land Without Magic Scene
Worried Regina
Once Upon a Time Season Finale Picture
Would They Kill Off Henry?
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I think reason Gold wants curse lifted is that he's been stuck in storybrooke along with everyone else, he's not been able to go look for his son. The whole reason he created the curse in the first place, its also why he's been working to break it.
I think Henry will survive, the curse will break and they'll all stay in storybrooke but start to live and age.
Bae is for sure Henry's father, though Gold doesn't know it and I think S2 will be about adjusting with 2 sets of memories, dealing with Regina and Gold.


I am actually quite curious how they are going to keep this show going.
If the curse breaks, we lose the two worlds thing, which really is part of my interest. I would see magic more seeping through then the entire group heading back to Fairyland. I guess they could go straight fairytale, since it is very well done.


I think Emma will start to believe, because if the course is the same in both worlds a true love kiss will break it, and the pictures shows Emma kissing Henry. I believe that this will make Emma believe, or at least start.
But I also want to know why Henry is so important to Regina...


@Bored Now ok relax mate!i just assumed something!don't execute me! and come on it's once upon a time that you're talking about!don't be so black and white!is a show about magic!it can happen!
and even since his death the writers where teasing all the time about sherif graham!why would thay do that if there was no chance for him to come back? Anyway,i still believe he is not back...not yet!but my Gremma heart still has high hopes!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Anyone else notice that the synopsis says that Jamie Dornan is back as Sheriff Graham/Huntsman!That should mean something since Emile De Ravin is feautured only as belle!
It means nothing. Belle is Belle in both worlds. She does not have assigned "real life counterpart". Huntsman is ONLY in flashbacks. :)


And I agree, I bet Baelfire is Henry's father.


I think Regina will be the one who bites the dust, wouldn't it be a unique twist if she died to save Henry's life? What if sacrifice breaks the curse? After all, if you go way back, that's what Regina had to do to create the curse, she sacrificed her father.
They've really been playing the "Regina would never harm Henry" card a lot, and I think this last episode tripled their efforts to play her as a mother desperate to keep her son's love.
That would be a real cliffhanger to leave viewers with in my opinion.
Of course there are plenty of antagonists ready to take her place (Maleficent, Cora, etc.)


Anyone else notice that the synopsis says that Jamie Dornan is back as Sheriff Graham/Huntsman!That should mean something since Emile De Ravin is feautured only as belle! does that mean that August is the one that will leave us?


Also WHO is the Dr. in fairy tale world!!??!


Oh man! Who called Henry's death/tragety?! Good for you!
I guessed it @ the end, but b4 that I didn't think anything would happen to him...
I love Henry, but I kinda hope he dies. It'll add SOOO much to the story! Also Rumples son is prob his dad!!!
But I don't see the writters killing off Henry :(