Once Upon a Time Review: The Fruits of Sacrifice

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"An Apple Red as Blood" showed us that Regina's hold on her curse was just as tenuous as the survival of her precious apple tree and the stress was getting to her.

That was quite a dream. The eeriest part was Henry standing there holding a hangman's noose. What a sign of things to come.

Evil Offering

Was the curse really weakening? Well, the apples on her tree were definitely rotting where they grew. I could only imagine that wasn't a very good sign for the evil queen.

But according to Regina and Mr. Gold, Emma's very existence keeps the curse alive. If Emma dies, so does the curse - but Emma's also the only person who can break it. Now there's a conundrum.

Mr. Gold seemed to think that the end was near and said he was planning a trip. Where would the master of the deal go once the curse he helped create is no more? I don't have a clue.

Emma was reeling and she didn't even believe in curses. After talks with Mary Margaret and Archie, she's begun to realize that she needed to put Henry first but figuring out what that meant wasn't easy.

And poor Henry. August was certainly putting a lot of pressure on the kid. As the man continued to turn back into wood, he told Henry he was done trying to convince Emma. So he quit and left it up to an 11-year old. That was lame. After spending most of last week's episode learning about August's plight, this episode was only reminding me why I was never a big fan of the Pinocchio story.

I didn't expect to see the Mad Hatter again and was surprised that Regina brought him to her chamber of hearts... and who knows what else. Apparently the only magic in Storybrooke was what Regina brought with her from the fairy tale world and there wasn't much left. So, in true Regina fashion she used the last of it to wreck more havoc. Unfortunately it came back to haunt her.

As soon as Emma took that pastry I knew that somehow it would end up in Henry's mouth. With no one else willing to play the hero, Henry took the role on himself to save Emma. I bet Regina never saw that coming.

In the fairy tale world, Snow used and army of dwarves and fairies to try and free Charming. Those fairies were fierce. Who would have guessed fairy dust packed such a punch?

Unfortunately Snow was a step behind the evil queen, who grabbed Charming for herself. I liked that in this story she didn't trick Snow into eating the poisonous apple, she simply threatened her one true love. That was enough for Snow to make the sacrifice.

Will Henry survive? How far will Regina and Emma go to save him or take one another down? Is the end of the curse in sight and do you want it to be? With the Once Upon Time season finale on its way, hold onto your hats for the next Once Upon a Time.


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What a complete douche of a show...it's a crappy kids story rolled in shit then sprinkled with glitter.....absolute EPIC fail.


Sean- The Queen does not want to kill Emma. If she eats the apple she would merly sleep forever, the curse would never end!


I am confused.If killing Emma erases the Curse why would Regina want to do it? Just because of her hatred toward Snow White? Thanks.


I'm kinda disappointed that August is giving up on Emma and I'm heartbroken to see him wanting to spend his last days with his father. So sad.


@tessylein If that were true, why would he mistakenly think that August was his son? Time clearly doesn't travel the same in both universes, OR magic can bend time (The apple). It seems to me that 'Skin's whole reason for creating the curse was to try and find Bae in this world, so I think he would have factored the time in.


I read that rumpelstilsken was the dark one for over 100 years.so i don't think that bae could be henry's father.he has to be over 100 years old or dead.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

But, Emma located it. August located it.
because both of them are tied to a curse.
The town wanted to be located, so to say. It WAS there for them. Its not there for anyone else.


I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen for the season finale; this is one show I can’t predict. I can say though, that I thought ‘An Apple as Red as Blood’ was the best episode of the season so far. I was pretty bummed about it this morning, since I’d missed it last night. But luckily a coworker at Dish reminded me of dishonline(dot)com, which is a free streaming site with a ton of shows, movies, and clips on it. So I ended up watching it on my lunch break and I’m thankful I did because immediately after, I overhead some other coworkers talking about it and they were giving away plenty of spoilers.

Allison berry barbieri

@Bored Now: You said I doubt that anyone could even LOCATE it, just like with Lost's Island. food and clothing is there through magic of the curse. But, Emma located it. August located it. Maybe it was the curse that brought them there but, according to the story, it's in Maine.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I don't know about the set pictures, but if anyone wants a very big potential spoiler about the finale re: David and MM, watch this very short but very telling scene from the set:
yeh, thats what I am talking about and exactly why i think David's about to bite it minutes after that scene.

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