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Fav scene, as much as I loved amelias storyline I LOVED when mason asked charlotte if he could call her mama. The look on her face was priceless and beautiful. I liked this finale. It wasnt crazy like vi being cut up, but just as emotional and deep without making it a tragedy. My hope is that addie will drop sam like a hot potatoe and chose jake, I actually dint mind if char and coop dont have a baby, they have mason and seem more then happy with their family.


See Shonda? EVERYONE wants a Charcoop baby. Bear that in mind


Amelia getting birth and Addi holding her hand! Tremendous! Really emotional! I teared up! :(
2Compared to!
Better than all with exception of S2! Violet's performance in that episode no one can TOP! This episode had the proper amount of drama, emotions, pain, development and just a bit off cliffhanger!
I guess none! Jake will arrive, he will see this! Addie won't know what to say Both Male get mad! and they continue ! BUT maybe the SEX made her stick closer to JAKE! I hope so at least!
I'm not really satisfied with where they are heading with her! I wanted something different! But Cat Scorsone played and amazing part! And I truly doesn't know what I would do! But she cuddling her child was so painful to watch! And she is so generous!
They will mess with Addies heart for a while!
The Freedmans will get a Baby and struggle with being just normal!
We will get to know Sheldon's ex and it will call up Amelia's Jealousy!
The Turners will have they Usual dilemmas with Vi being selfcentered and egomaniac just as Pete!
I don't Worry that SHONDA will spice up think just the way she KNOWS! :D

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