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Looking at the Amelia situation in black and white then yes, it is murder BUT looking at it from a grey area then it is the best thing to do and I applaud her decision.


I find it so funny that these doctors talk about the quality of ethics and what the RIGHT thing to do is when they do the complete opposite and go with what they feel is right. I think what Amelia is doing is a wonderful thing. As someone who has signed up as an organ donor, I can say right now that what she is doing is a wonderful thing and I approve of her decision.


Wouldn't Amelia's baby die anyway? So why not just spare it from a painful and short life? Maybe it is not as one dimensional as I think, so I will definitely tune in!


How can the gift of life to several dying babies be unethical? How can the death of a brainless baby be considered murder? I think Amelia's decision brings hope and love into a hopeless, desperate sitution. I hope that any family faced with the same horrible situation would consider doing the same thing.

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