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This episode of Scandal has just ended. I've been sitting here for more than just one minute trying to wrap my head around everything I just saw. Just when you think you know somebody or something on this show, you don't.

The episode was told in a flashback to the President's campaign, interspersed with scenes from the present day as Gideon and David, in separate investigations, tracked the story of Amanda Tanner's supposed suicide. "The Trail" is as apt a title as any for an hour that provided so much information, a "trail" if you will, of everything that has happened to get us to this point, as well as where we're headed next Thursday.

Fitz, Cyrus, & Olivia Campaign

This week picked up right where last week left off: with the President on Olivia's doorstep, bearing gifts of an audiotapes she didn't want to hear, an audiotape she didn't even know existed. One that will thrust her directly into the limelight if it ever gets out since she's the girl on the tape.

After a former lover's spat, some of which is recounted on the Scandal quotes page, the President reveals that his affair with Amanda Tanner was little more than a one night stand brought about by his extreme loneliness and boredom. His heart has always and will always belong to Olivia. We later learn that his tryst with Amanda was orchestrated by none other than Billy Chambers, the V.P.'s Chief of Staff. Who was also Amanda Tanner's boyfriend and the father of her baby.

Did your head explode with those two bombs? Because mine did.

Crazy reveals aside, what struck me about this episode, what's sticking with me even now, is the relationship between Olivia and Fitz. Seeing the beginning of their relationship peeled back Olivia's hard exterior and revealed the soft heart that's motivated to protect those she loves at all costs.

From their very first encounter, it was clear that she challenged him. It was also clear that she knew he was in a loveless, dead marriage and so did everyone else, including him.

But she didn't prey on or chase after him. And he didn't prey on or chase after her. In fact, they both tried to contain and compose themselves, and yet they just kept falling back together.

I believed every minute of it. Goldwyn and Washington were superb tonight.

When I heard him ask "What kind of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up?" my heart broke just a little. Here's a man who has just realized that his wife will stop at nothing - not even a story about a fake miscarriage - to get him elected and become the First Lady and he's sharing a seat with a woman who is good and honest and he can't be with her. I felt the intimacy between them as their hands touched in secret in that seat on the bus.

I was sad for them right down to the moment they spent "just one minute" together on her sofa in silence as the light from the sunrise began coming through her window. I'm still a little sad for them an hour after the credits have rolled. 

So I don't wax poetic all night long about these star-crossed lovers, let's get to the other tidbits from the episode:

  • Olivia knew the members of her team before she knew the President. Somehow, it makes me happy to know that they were in her life first.
  • Abby loves to bake. A lot. Seeing her as Suzy Homemaker was a nice, light touch to such a sad episode.
  • I didn't recognize Huck at first, which I suppose was the point.
  • Harrison is just as smooth-talking as always.
  • Things are heating up between Quinn and Gideon. Apparently his grilled cheese sandwiches are just that good. It was cute that she wanted to go get bagels and come back for breakfast, but I really wish she'd just asked for more grilled cheese sandwiches. Maybe then I wouldn't be afraid for Gideon's life since,
  • Billy Chambers, in addition to being Amanda's "baby daddy," is also a murderer. After he realized he'd been bested by "just a reporter," Billy showed his true colors and lashed out at Gideon while Gideon's back was turned. With a pair of scissors.

Yep. One more bomb for the night. I really, really hope Quinn gets back with those bagels before Gideon bleeds out all over the floor.

What's your grade for tonight's episode?


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Hmm...where do I start? Is it the telling looks, the love scenes or the beautiful track that plays when Olivia and Fitz look at each other.
I watched all the episodes available on netflix as well as those on the abc website ...all in one night, never mind ha I was working the next day. I am hooked. I also plan to subscribe to hulu plus just so I can watch the remaining S1 episodes.
I think it's the fact that this relationship is 'forbidden' that makes it jerk at our heartstrings so roughly.
I'm totally in love with TG as FG. I wait for he moments when his and OP's gazes connect. Keep it up Shonda!
BTW the love track is The Light by The Album Leaf.


"Olivia" needs a little less lip. Annoying to watch her speak. This show has a lot of potential. Absurdly entertaining--political drama. Fix the freak!


Last night was my first time watching this show and I was blown away. Love is color blind and Fitz and Olivia are beautiful together. I don't agree by any means with infidelity and it is wrong, but I think Fitz made a huge mistake in the beginning by marrying his wife. My favorite seen was the last scene....."One Minute"!!! He had a look of sorrow and love in his eyes. He was sorrowful because he had to leave her, but so happy that he had that beautiful moment with her. Scandal Rock!!!


Great show, please bring it back. Just getting addicted to it when the finale came. Blah!!!!


Dumbest show on TV. Ridiculous premise,outlandish and unbelievable story lines.As bad as anything I've ever seen.


I love the show. I cannot get enough of it and after I see an episode, all I can think about is when I can see the next one. I have watched each episode at least 3 times on "primetime on demand" on time warner cable. I am truly a scandal junky. A regular second season would be just fantastic! I think Olivia and the President are really in love and that is what is so sad. Unless he resigns from office....I see no way they can be together in an acceptable way. If he left office the romance would not carry nearly the significance it does now. I know it is a "fatal attraction" that just cannot be and because of the circumstance you do not want it to be; At the same time you care about them so much, and wish they could be together so much....the show has you trying to come up with a way to justify adultery! Very, very, clever scripts and story lines. I also look forward to learning more about Huck....he is my next favorite character after liv and the pres.


I definitely thought they did a good job in this episode of presenting the the Olivia/Fitz relationship. Lots and lots of seduction in this episode, which of course is the ultimate scandal, and I like how they upped the ante with some very seductive music! From James Brown ("Baby You're Right" plays when Quinn + Gideon are in bed together eating cheese) and The Album Leaf ("The Light" plays when Fitz and Liv are in the hallway and on Liv's couch) there was some great steamy music setting the mood. Best episode in awhile for this show, although I do hope that we see an increased role of the snoopy media in this show I think that'd be more realistic.


Great episode. I loved seeing how the relationship between Olivia and Fitz developed, and I agree with everyone who says that have amazing chemistry. I lot of the scenes were heartbreaking and almost difficult to watch, though. I also have to give big props to the actress playing the first lady and the actor playing Billy.


The scissoring, my god, the scissoring.
Gideon should have ecpected an assault, I did. Overload of sexual tension. Hopefully we don't have another episode with as much. The romantic scenes were nice. I won't attack Fitz for cheating because 1) he's the president and 2) it's a tv series but personally, I favour polyamory and despise cheating. Huck 's appearance made perfect sense (see Person of Interest pilot). I knew Mellie was making up the miscarriage story cause I watch a lot of television. Olivia's gut was wrong again.


TLC_87: I didn't read the ep as saying the Veep was behind the blackmail tape -- just her chief of staff, who appears to be working on his own to bring down the president and get his boss into the Oval Office.

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Scandal Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Olivia: "You cheated on your mistress with your girlfriend. Let's just leave it at that."
President: "She wasn't my girlfriend. Don't you ever call yourself a mistress. We both know better."

"Really? You really want me to detail for you how and where and in what positions Amanda Tanner and I had sex? Will that help make you feel better, because I'll do it."