Scandal Round Table: "Crash and Burn"

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Following such a Huck-centric episode of Scandal this week, it's hard to think of anything else except the (sort of) gentle giant and whether or not he'll recover from tapping back into his dark side. But the Round Table is back and we're attempting to do just that.

Join our expert panel of Jim Garner, Carla Day, Leigh Raines and Miranda Wicker as they answer a few burning questions about "Crash and Burn" and then add your answers in the comments.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Jim: I really enjoyed Olivia in David's office when she told him where to find Amanda. For the first time he could see she was not made of stone and that she really did care about her clients. It was such a brief glimpse behind the normally in control front she presents.

Carla: Usually a specific scene will jump out at me, but the whole episode was shocking. When Olivia called the President accusing him of having Amanda killed was well-done. They both had shock and dismay written all over their faces.

Leigh: I have to say that finding out more about Huck's past had me holding my breath. The Dexter stuff was a little more than I wanted to see, but hearing his background and how Liv saved him was definitely a "wow" moment for me.

Miranda: I'm with Leigh this week. Guillermo Diaz did a phenomenal job of making me feel bad for this broken character, even while he was tapping into his inner torture artist.

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Is Olivia correct in believing that Cyrus had Amanda killed?
Jim: I thought so, up until Fitz told him Amanda was dead. Had he had her killed I would have expected a little more faked remorse, he had none. So now I'm not so sure.

Carla: No. I don't think he did it. He is manipulative, but I don't think he would go as far as murdering her.

Leigh: I don't think Cyrus did it. Cyrus seemed so shocked and angered when he even found out about the affairs and he seemed shaken by the blackmail attempts. I feel like he is a really good red herring.

Miranda: Cyrus may have sounded like an evil, insensitive jerk when he found out about her death (a delivery by Jeff Perry that rivals his monologue from last week) but no, I don't think he had her killed. I don't think even he would go to that extreme.

Did Olivia tell David the truth about who she thinks killed Amanda when she answered him?
Jim: As much as she and David have become friends, I don't think she would ever tip her hand until she had enough information to prove her belief. The bigger question is if David will give her the space and trust to let her bring it to him on her terms.

Carla: Olivia is going to keep that to herself for now. She will reveal it when it serves her purpose.

Leigh: I think Olivia led David in the right direction but there is no way she could possibly reveal all of her cards.

Miranda: Olivia plays her cards close to her vest, so no, I don't think she told him. I also think David's a smart guy and that it won't take him long to connect the dots between a suicide-attempting, now-dead former White House aide and a conspiracy. He is, after all, gunning to be a politician. What better way to catapult one's career than uncovering a scandal?

More surprising knock on the door: Quinn at Gideon's or Fitz at Olivia's?
Jim: Fitz was a no brainer after he made a deal with his Secret Service guys to leave the White House. Quinn turning to Gideon for emotional support was a complete shock for me. Though I give Gideon props for making comfort food knowing she might show up... mmmmmmm grilled cheese.

Carla: Neither were very surprising. I hope that Quinn and Gideon can build something lasting, but on this show that is doubtful. And, I'm with Jim regarding Fitz. As soon as he said he wanted to leave the White House, I figured he was heading to see Olivia.

Leigh: Neither were a surprise. It was obvious Fitz was going to Olivia's and reminded me of Michael Douglas in The American President when he was just trying to get Annette Benning some flowers, granted they weren't having a secret affair.

Miranda: Neither was surprising, really. It took me out of the scene when Gideon said he'd made Quinn grilled cheese sandwiches because he thought she might need comfort, but he didn't even know she was coming, so how'd he know to make grilled cheese sandwiches? It's also not surprising that Fitz would sneak out to see Olivia to, according to the previews for next week, ask for her help. I think after seeing Cyrus' response to Amanda's death, she's the only person he can trust.

Do you think Mellie Grant (the First Lady) is hiding something?
Jim: Absolutely! Her quizzing the Secret Service guys about taking a bullet and following that with the statement that there were many people who would go to extremes for him makes me wonder if she was behind Amanda Tanner's death...or at least knew about her.

Carla: Definitely. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one conspiring with Amanda or if she was the one that had Amanda killed.

Leigh: Mellie is 1000% percent up to something. Maybe he display of "everyone here would take a bullet for you" was kind of a reminder of how many people were willing to risk their lives for him so he better be worthy of it.

Miranda: Oh, this woman's sneaky and definitely up to something. I think she's probably managed to insulate herself from any direct connections to what's happening, but she's involved somehow.


This was one of the best episodes to date. It's impossible to pick a favorite scene. The scenes with Puck were powerful (but not really enjoyable!) and the scene with the President and the secret service were just fun to watch. I love any scene between Olivia and the prosecutor.
Olivia thinks she knows who killed Amanda, but I'm sure she's wrong.
I'm sure the first lady is hiding something. It's possible she had Amanda killed but I don't think that she was scheming with Amanda. I don't see how that would help the president. I guess she could have been scheming to ruin Olivia's credibility but that would still hurt her husband.
Neither was surprising, but I'm looking forward to seeing more scenes between Olivia and Fitz.


Mellie Grant is up to something, but it isn't this. She wants her husband to stay president. If he resigns the only one who benefits is the tough-broad-wingnut of a VP and her staff. So no, of course it isn't Mellie, since the baby wasn't even her husband's, but some right-wing conspiracy to get rid of the moderate republican and replace him with a wackadoo from the far right.


- Any and everything dealing with Huck. He's easily the most interesting character to me. That scene with him recoiling from Olivia's touch was intense though. Especially following the previous episode with the sentiment being that everyone would do anything for her. He did the unspeakable for her and bated himself and her for it.
-no. He's shady but not that complex. He shows his cards too much to do something that underhanded.
-don't know.
-definitely! That woman is positively terrifying to me!


Great episode. I have watched it a few times now and each time I am profoundly moved. Everyone of Olivia's team are great. 1. I don't think that Cyrus had Amanda killed. Has something to do with the VP becoming President if Fitz' resigns. Cyrus wouldn't want that or Fitz' wife, so someone else. 2. Olivia wouldn't say anything about who she thought killed Amanda, because right now, she's not so sure. 3. Quinn at Gideon', didn't see that one coming, but The President showing up at Olivia, even though I knew it was going to happen the impact of him standing there looking at her like that and just saying Hi, knocked me for a loop. WoW, great scene (powerful). 4. Is the first lady hiding something, no, she's an open book :-).


Am I the only person that found the HUGE twist (that Quinn didn't exist a few years earlier) to be the biggest wow moment? That one thing has thrown a HUGE question mark up and any number of potential routes for the story to take.


I loved the episode. I thought it was great and we learned a lot of new things about a lot people. But I'm a little disappointed in Quinn. Olivia keeps Gideon at arms reach and Harrison told her that getting it on with a reporter is a bad idea for many reasons. She seems to want to confide in him and I don't think it is a good idea because he could easily be using her for the story and she will jeopardize everything Olivia and the team has worked for. She is new and she should get her self under control. What I did notice with Gideon was that he said a police report for filed for Amanda by her dad but correct me if I'm wrong, when did Amandas dad say he filed a report? He said he came up to see her because he hasn't heard form her in a day and even Olivia was told by David that those few hours were one too little for a missing person. Gideon knowing Amanda was missing really is a shock and since when would he look for a report. I can't imagine he would know before the President -positive they keep tabs on her via Cyrus -. Fitz coming to see Liv wasnt a shock but it was still a cute moment. What president knocks on your door and says "hi"? , lol. I do hope they actually talk about a case since we all saw how discombobulated things get when they are around each other. Huck is really a sad one and I would love to just give him a hug; if only he didn't know 1 million ways to kill me without someone knowing. Either way, his loyalty to Liv is clear and it shows you their relationship is one that is both personal and professional. Everyone else was great minus Mellie who really scare me. She is just so calm and really sinister. That actress is a goddess because she is playing Mellie to a tee. I think Fitz is seeing just how far Mellie might go for this role. She clearly loves being a first lady and won't let ANYONE get in the way of that.


1. Huck
2. No. Cyrus would lie, cheat, steal, and maipulate but I don't think he'd murder
4. Quinn
5. Yes. She's plotting something.


Another wonderful episode. I have a newfound appreciation for the character Huck. The scenes were absolutely amazing, especially considering the fact that I felt sympathy for him while he was torturing the guy. This is most certainly another "over a cliff" person in Liv's camp, which reinforces the idea that the team as a whole would practically die for this woman. There is deep gratitude and reverance for her and the writers are slowly peeling back the layers of this SL to show us who they really are at Pope and Associates. I also like, that as the viewers, we are able to see this war between morality versus what is deemed unacceptable in their line of work. They are treading upon that line consistently and it offers up this question: how far would the team go for Olivia Pope?


This was a fantastic episode I had several favorite scenes. Three that stand out the most Hock giving us his background, I love him; 2) the President negotiating with secret service to leave; 3) the Pres showing up at Olivia's house you felt what passed between them on seeing each other. I wasn't surprised at all about the Pres. going to Olivia's that was his plan all along, he went to her cause she wouldn't go see him. Quinn is my least favorite character so I don't care about her and Gideon. I think the first lady has all kinds of secrets and I think she knows everything that is going on. Do I think she conspired with Amanda, no but somebody did. Do I feel sorry for the first lady? No. I think she's very ambitious and very much attached to the office of the President; don't know about the Pres himself.

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