Shenae Grimes Slams 90210 Season 4 Storyline

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On 90210 Season 4, Annie Wilson became an escort who seduced a priest. No, really. That was the character's storyline, and star Shenae Grimes was as shocked by it as many viewers.

"Playing Annie this season was really hard for me because I had zero connection to her storyline whatsoever," Grimes told Us Weekly at last week's CW Upfront, explaining:

"It seemed really off-base that my character would even be behaving that way because she does come from a pretty solid family and there was never any mention of her reaching out to her parents at all for money or anything... they had a house in Beverly Hills, her mom's living in Paris - it's not like they're broke! So I couldn't really wrap my head around the thought process behind what was going on, so that made it difficult."

Happy Annie

The show, of course, has been renewed for a fifth season, but the 90210 cast will look a bit different now that Gillian Zinser has been let go.

What did you think of the past year? Grade season four of 90210 now:

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Well of course she doesnt have a freaking connection, its not like shes ever short for money..


honestly i never like Annie, she such an annoying character. whoever said liam and annie shud be together, i think liam and naomi 10x much better shud be together.


one of the problems I had this season was all the damn storylines, it's like they JUST graduated from high school but the whole time I kept thinking they were much older. They should have had a time jump from season 3 to 4 to be believable.


I'd say vehicular manslaughter because you were drunk is a little more relate-able (plausible at least) than being an escort to send your adopted brother to rehab, because the inheritance from some woman you just met a few months ago is being contested. But that's just me.


I hate all of the season , the writing was horrible and I can stop being mad at CW for cancelling ringer and letting this poor written awful show continue


Bahahaha! So she's fine with the vehicular homicide and egg selling?


But she had connection to her character when she got drunk behind the wheel of a car, hit a man, killed him and then lied about it for a year sitting in her room like a huge loner and dating a drug dealer? You go Shenae.


I'm happy she spoke out! These new 90210 writers didn't do a very good job this past season. I hope these writers take into mind shenae's words and step up they're game this coming season! Write good dramatic storylines that make sense! Please 90210 writers keep us on the edge of our seats this coming season.


I liked Annie &Naomi joining a sorority, Annie's being a escort, Annie winning the inheritance, Ades redemption &music sl but I didn't like Annie and Caleb,Ivys or Ivy/Diego or Silvers cancer gene/love triangle with Navid and Liam or her wanting to have a baby at 18/19 or Liam/Vanessa sl,I did like Naomi's sl this season. I agree with the posters wanting Lannie me too, I didn't like Silvers sl working on Marissa Harris-Youngs election campaign.


This show needs to return to the basics. Annie & Liam being one of those. I found the escort storyline ridiculous. I found the cancer gene story silly and I wish I could forget that Liam ever liked and slept with Silver. And that Liam did not even think about how it made Annie feel. STUPID YEAR! They kept me interested enough to hope for more next season, however. I am still totally baffled that Secret Circle got cancelled and 90210 and Hart of Dixie were renewed?!?

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.