Smash Casting Scoop: Who is Out?

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Three are coming, four are going.

With Smash Season 2 set to welcome three new regulars, Entertainment Weekly has broken the news that four regulars from the show's uneven opening season will lose their status when Smash returns in early 2013. They are:

  • Jaime Cepero (Ellis, much to the non-chagrin of TV Fanatic staff members)
  • Raza Jaffrey (Dev)
  • Brian D'Arcy James (Frank)
  • Will Chase (Michael)

It's unknown at the moment whether any of these actors will even make a season two appearance, but expect the news of Ellis' departure to be met with the same reaction as Dan Harmon exiting Community.

Only the exact opposite.

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I'm only sorry to see Frank go, I like Frank. Soooooo, glad to see Ellis gohe is an awful worm.


i love Will Chase!!! how can both Julie's husband and Will Chase leave??? what is she left with and how is it even possible for her husband to completely go if they have son together and since Will is leaving i am guessing that she isn't pregnant because i would assume that bailing like that with a baby on the way wouldn't be possible in a Drama show either.
i have to admit, i was secretly rooting for Julie and Michael to be together. there is sth so natural and real and passionate about them together, sth very true. i don't know... that is just how i feel whenever i see them together.
not sad about Dev and ecstatic about Ellis!!!!


The only I'm sad of seeing leaving is Will Chase. He's just so dreamy, not to say talented. I'm glad Dev, Frank and Ellis got hit by the bus. Season 2 sounds a lot greater!!


Wow. This is interesting news. But I'm thrilled that we'll see less of Ellis!

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