The Big Bang Theory Review: Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Fruit Loops

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It happened! It really happened! Howard blasted into space!

And, of course, Howard and Bernadette got hitched.

Leonard & Sheldon Prepare For The Wedding

Since they got engaged, I wondered how The Big Bang Theory would pull off a big wedding. Would we finally meet Howard's mother? No way that was gonna happen. They had to get married, but how? The solution was perfect. A rush wedding on the roof of the apartment building with all their friends officiating. Bonus: Google Earth satellite overhead.

Of course, they had to try an easy civil ceremony first, if for no reason other than for Howard to try to convince someone he was an astronaut headed into space. His plea did sound absolutely ridiculous; even Penny was surprised he actually made it to space.

The ceremony itself was almost as awkward as Howard's bachelor party toasts ... almost. Nothing could top Raj's insane reveals that night; it was probably a good thing he got choked up and couldn't finish. While the officiants were less than professional in their comments, especially Sheldon's attempt at doing it in Klingon, they each honored the couple in their own loving way. Plus, those didn't even matter once Bernadette and Howard said their romantic vows. Aww....

In contrast to the happy couple, Leonard had to deal with the crew ribbing him about his proposal during sex. Penny was taking it fairly well, until Leonard's perfectly timed wedding jab. When they do end up getting married (and they will!), and even probably before, they will laugh and laugh about it.

I didn't care for the flow of the episode with Howard about to blast off and the wedding in a flashback, but that last scene of the finale made it all come together: Howard shooting into the stars, his friends left behind bonding together.

It was touching to see Bernadette and Raj share their love of Howard and hold hands. Penny, who was irritated at Leonard, took his hand. And, lastly, the normally reserved and isolated Sheldon took Amy's hand. What a heartfelt moment, then the season closed out with Sheldon saying, "Boldly go, Howard Wolowitz." Perfect.

Here are a few lines from "The Countdown Reflection" and make sure to check out our full collection of The Big Bang Theory quotes. They are sure to hold you over until our favorite nerds return next fall.

Sheldon: He asked her during coitus.
Howard: Did he get down on one knee or were you already there? | permalink
Bernadette's father: Here ya go.
Bernadette: Here ya go? What am I? A football?
Bernadette's father: Like that guy could catch a football. | permalink
Bernadette: I love that man.
Raj: Me too. | permalink


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In the final scene, when Sheldon grabbed Amy's hand, my husband grabbed mine.
I love reading the endcaps, and if you haven't read the one for this ep, do it. We were startled and pleased we had done just as Chuck Lorre said, we were holding hands right along with Raj and Bernadette, Penny and Leonard and Sheldon and Amy. Wow.


Simple, funny, touching, and perfect. Brilliant writing all season.


I think Howard yelling " From now on this is the only woman that can yell at me" was the sweetest moment of the episode followed by the hand holding! So sweet


I loved this episode, this season hasn't been my favorite I'll admit it but I did love this finale. Bernadette and Howard have always been my favorites, even from their first date when they compared mother horror stories. I do like that these two are romantic without losing that twisted sense of humor this show is known for. The Ma slip ups were hilarious, mainly because we know most of the time Bernadette is supportive. Their little romantic gestures were adorable too, the star necklace and the "short and sweet" vows. Raj's heart was so perfect and it fit right in with the episode's theme. I loved the ending, it tied everyone together very nicely. But at the same time, it gave us lots to look forward.


Great Episode and a fitting end to a wonderful season. Loved how Amy put her foot down to stop Lenny quibbles to stop it ruining the special day of Bernie and Howie. Sheldon was awesome as Usual.... "Would you like some Aloe Vera? You just got burnt".... hilarious.


Great season finale. I found myself clapping with the gang by the time they were finally married. Anyway, a question. Is this the first time we hear Melissa Rauch use her real voice? When she's talking To Amy about their processional music.


Tanya! Thanks for that - I had forgotten about where the tiara came from. I cringe every time Howard's mother says (shouts) something at him, and he shouts back. Can't even imagine a universe where that would be normal for me. rounds out the group dynamic doesn't it? And now we're seeing that mirrored just a little bit between Bernadette and Howard (who keeps making Freudian slips by calling her "Ma" - just in case we missed the parallel, obviously). : ) I love this show. I'm so grateful that someone suggested that I watch just a few episodes a few months ago, and I did, and then went and bought the full seasons so that I could catch up.

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