The Big Bang Theory Review: Sex Talk and Strawberry Quik

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The Big Bang Theory boys are growing up! Howard's getting married, while both Leonard and Sheldon are in meaningful relationships. Poor Raj? He still has the cute little dog, I hope.

After all this time, on "The Launch Acceleration" it comes out that Howard is scared to go to space. I didn't see that one coming, did you? Don't get me wrong, I don't blame him. I get scared jumping off a high-dive, so shooting into the cosmos is definitely worthy of a little fear.

Howard Must Reschedule
Howard: Yes! Thank you! Oh! Oh ... I'm not gonna die in space! I'm gonna die the way God intended in my late 50s with a heart full of pastrami. | permalink

The misdirection on the phone was well-played. I'm not sure we've seen Howard get as excited about anything as he did from the cancellation. After initially not wanting her Howie to go, Bernadette was overly supportive of Howard missing their wedding. It looks like Howard is headed to the fina frontier! But what about the wedding ... they have to get married, right?

The pressure the other couples are feeling is natural given their friend is heading down the aisle. Leonard's misstep with Penny led to the funniest lines of the night:

Leonard: I'm sorry! I did, I crossed a line I didn't mean to.
Penny: Who says something like that right in the middle of sex?
Leonard: I don't know, it just came out! People say weird things during sex all the time.
Penny: Okay, well they sure as hell don't say that.
Leonard: It was heat of the moment.
Penny: No, the heat of the moment is "Oh yeah, just like that." Not "will you marry me?"
Leonard: I'm sorry, just-just give me another chance.
Penny: Why, so you can crawl under the covers and go, "Hey, baby, wanna go look for houses in neighborhoods with good schools?" | permalink

I'm glad that Leonard's error didn't end the relationship between them. Penny and Leonard belong together, but that was definitely not the appropriate time for a proposal.

Amy has been the most controversial character on the show. Some people love her, but most people seem to dislike her. My feelings have varied by episode, but overall her character has been much improved this season.

Tonight's episode was probably my favorite Amy outing. She played Sheldon perfectly! Will her experiment work? Is it possible for her to seduce Sheldon with his favorite things? Perhaps they should play Star Trek doctor in the bedroom with the Super Mario Brothers theme playing and strawberry Quik as a chaser. Oh, the possibilities....

The developments in Leonard and Sheldon's romances has me wondering: would the show still work if they stopped being roommates? What if Penny and Leonard moved in together? Or, shockingly, if Sheldon moved in with Amy? The two friends lived apart for a very short time before, but in that situation Raj moved in. The show could still be funny, but it would definitely be different.

The season is coming to an end with the finale next Thursday. Will Howard go to space? Will he marry Bernadette? Or will he somehow do both? Only one week until we find out. In the meantime, check out some more funny The Big Bang Theory quotes!


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They've been vague about how Howard is flying. NASA astronauts are classified as pilots or as mission specialists. NASA also flies payload specialists who aren't NASA astronauts. AFAIK, NASA only screens payload specialists for physical condition. By definition, payload specialists are unique talents who are essential for mission success or are forced on to NASA by an outside party; otherwise, NASA would train one of its mission specialist astronauts for the project. NASA has plenty of its own people who want to go.


I wonder if they will get married while he is in space! That would be very cool! Loved this show.

Sue ann

As the show was renewed for three years at the beginning of this year, it seems there is plenty of time for the roommate situations to change around and change back several more times, as the writers see fit. This is one of those shows where the writers say that it is made up as they go along; there is no overall plan, as there is on HIMYM. I fall into the "like-Amy" camp, and I was amused to see her using her job skills to forward her relationship with Sheldon. I admire her gumption. She is going after what she wants, and doing it very cleverly. Leonard and Penny belong together, but I agree that was bad timing. What do you tell the kids ten years hence when they ask about the circumstances of the proposal? Dicey. It would be wonderful if they figure out a way to have both the marriage and the launch into space. Glad I am not a writer....


I feel bad for raj. He's cute, has money and a British accent. He needs to pay for some seriously expensive therapy and fix his girl fear! So he can finally hook steady b4 he is left behind. Even Sheldon has a girl friend and I wasn't even sure he like girls, people or anything human!


@ 47: I think Howard passed the psych eval because he was all big and bad and ready for space until he started training 4 space. Remember how beat up he was when he started the training? Things psychies change after being physically defeated!


Good episode. Why didn't Howard get out of the space mission? Why didn't his fear of spacetravel come up in his psych eval?


Gahhh hilarious episode.... Cooooookie!!!!! Such a great show


I loved this episode, and was glad that Penny and Leonard didn't break up. We're seeing a new side to Sheldon, and that's great too. Intellectually he knows he's being played but yet, he can't get his foot out of the trap - and actually kind of likes it there. The definition of a conundrum. I just can't see their relationship going any further than that though: her seducing him with strawberry drinks and him gasping about being in hell as he partakes. : ) I didn't see the Howard thing either - he'd been harping all season about going on the space mission, and fighting his mother and Bernadette both about it, and now that the time is here, he's deathly afraid to go. I'm guessing the cliffhanger for the last episode will be him saying "Moscow, we've got a problem..."

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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Howard: Let me explain the difference between you and me. You watch 'Star Trek'; I live it.
Raj: Oh, please, I don't remember the episode of 'Star Trek' where the guy never goes to space and brags about it in a tuxedo store.
Howard: Make all the jokes you want. There is only one of us here brave enough to almost do what I almost did.

Yes! Thank you! Oh! Oh ... I'm not gonna die in space! I'm gonna die the way God intended in my late 50s with a heart full of pastrami.