The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Report Card: B

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With fans already buzzing and speculating over The Vampire Diaries Season 4, let's stop and take one final look back, shall we?

What worked? What failed? What do we hope to see continue and who do we hope to never see again? Pour one out for Alaric Saltzman, TVD viewers, and review the following TV Fanatic Report Card.


Best Character: Caroline Forbes. The top three characters are out because they were each involved in the tiresome love triangle. Rebekah has to be considered a contender because she's layered, interesting and extremely attractive. But she also wasn't prominent enough. Klaus earned this honor at midseason, but I thought the show fell too in love with this villain and should have killed him off at the end. Caroline and her bubbly attitude, as we all know, simply rules.

Worst Character: Bonnie Bennet. Just too dour for my taste. Smiled for maybe a total of 30 seconds combined all season and is too often used as a plot device to just cast a spell and solve a problem.

Slow Dancing with Klaus

Best Episode: "Before Sunset." Our introduction to Rebekah and our trip to Chicago in "The End of the Affair" is a close second, but this penultimate installment featured an thrilling mixture of emotion and action. It posed ethical dilemma, it highlighted Matt Davis at his evil best it gave Joseph Morgan an incredible send-off, even if it only lasted a week.

Worst Episode: "Ghost World." Let's just move on.

Most Welcome Return: Elijah. Every time.

Most Unwelcome Return: Rose. Being a ghost was reason enough, narrating obvious points about Damon and Stefan sealed her fate.

Biggest Surprise: Elena turns, Matt gets a day off from the Grill (tie). Whose jaw is not still hurting from smacking the flaw upon the concluding scene of the season finale? And who else worried, throughout that finale, about whether or not the Grill remained open with Matt out in the field?

Final Grade: B. As always with TVD, this is relative. The worst episode (okay, except for "Ghost World") is better than almost anything else on network television. But any regular reader of my Vampire Diaries reviews is aware that I constantly complained of a lack of direction. The love triangle also grew stale and, as much as I adore Klaus, I'd have killed him off and moved on to a new enemy.

Hopes for Season 4: A resolution for Katherine (bring her back full-time or kill her off). Fewer spells that place twists on the twists; a new, steady love interest for Damon; a mud wrestling match between Rebekah and Caroline; more consistency in storylines and a general feeling that one builds upon another, leading to an earned payoff in the end.

What grade would YOU give The Vampire Diaries Season 3?

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My favorite episode is Ghost World.

David and sabrina 2014

some big things will change for season 4 and I can't wait for its arrival. It sucks that we have to wait untill October. ;P




Ghost World was a great episode! It tied up loose ends and provided necessary plot, while being meaningful.


The finale of season 3 made up for a uneven season with too much focus on the originals.Caroline and Klaus had some great scenes.


Bored Now. always makes my day in these threads. Best character
Caroline, Klaus before his daddy issues reappeared.
Worst character
Damon. I would have chosen Elena, but she's been on this path of no character development for a while now. Damon went from being a great antagonist to a cute anti hero to a self depreciating schmuck.
Best episode
The End of the Affair
Wort episode
Many of them, topped by Ghost World
Most Welcome Return
Elijah. Always. Followed closely by Lexi.
Least Welcome Return
All the ghosts except for Lexi.
Final Grade
D+. This season had no real antagonist. Klaus rapidly deteriorated into a lovesick hybrid with parental issues. Esther didn't stay long enough to matter. Rebekah could have stepped forward and be Caroline's equally awesome evil twin, but she didn't. Without the bad guys, what are we supposed to watch? The emotionally stale love triangle? Eff it, I'm petitioning to make a new show based on Caroline.


OMG i can't understand why klaus and caroline didn't get together they are such a great couple


Elena so should have chose damon over stefan, he has been rejected to many times, plus they will have an eternity together so she is more likely to change her mind i hope :)


I love Damon and Elena, but I still can't shake Elena and Stefan. I'm having the same problem with Klaus and Caroline and Tyler. Best season yet. Favorite seasons Greatest to least: 3,1,2. I think Bonnie will use a spell and make Elena not transition but idk. I LOVE TVD. Can't wait for season 4!


Final Grade: A. I loved and enjoyed this season immensely.
Hopes for Season 4: After the season 3 final episode I believe that season 4 is going to be a refreshing season at all levels: whether we are talking about the love triangle, the Salvatore brothers relationship; Elena, Damon & Stefan being affected by Elena's transition each one separately and there relationship , Caroline and Bonnie's storylines after the decision that Bonnie made, Jeremy & Matt realising that there plan to keep Elena away from Vampires and danger led her to became a vampire herself, Klaus without his doppelganger plus we will have a new villan so I have nothing more to hope for.

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