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Over the last few weeks, Touch had been growing on me. Last week's episode had moments that I found both intriguing and heartwarming, but "Zone of Exclusion" made me forget all of that.

The problem with having multiple stories in one show is that sometimes they connect and sometimes those connections are stretched beyond any semblance of reason. This time the meandering story lines were just a little too much to be anywhere close to believable.

The redeeming scene of the show was Jake touching the screen at the museum and making a connection with the girl in Paris. That was a wonderful moment and I found myself wishing we could have followed what a huge breakthrough that was for Jake.

Clea & Martin At The Museum

Instead, it was quickly set aside so that Martin could track down a family that had been torn apart by an illegal adoption. It was a chilling story to be sure, but somehow I never felt the emotional punch from it that I thought I should. 

Perhaps it was because most of the players felt so disconnected. The sister was heard only through Clea's translations over the phone. The mother cried and ran off, not to be seen again until the end. 

I felt for the sister most of all. When Martin stood and stared at her in the hotel hallway it was downright creepy. I think I would have run too.

The other stories were just silly. How did Martin track down the sleazy doctor if he didn't know what the man looked like? JFK is a huge airport. Even if he knew the airline it would have been like searching for a needle in a haystack.

I'll admit I know nothing about Ham radios but are we really supposed to believe that its signal could reach the international space station? And how dumb was Gio? His space suit had a massive communication meltdown but he thought he'd hang out until some radio operator from Earth broke in to tell him to go inside? Why not head in when he no longer heard his partner?

Back at the board and care facility we still got no answers about mysterious room six and Sheri continued to glower at Clea and act the evil villain. 

So with Clea off the case I'm sure things will only get worse for Martin and Jake. Catherine will undoubtedly be back soon, but what is with the mounting connections between her company and the board and care facility.

Overall, watching Martin chase ramdom sets of numbers every week has become boring but I'll hope for better from next week's Touch.


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I'm late to the game with this comment, but I wanted to say that my dad is a Ham radio operator. I remember a number of times where he tuned in to radio signals from space, and I know of at least two occasions when he was able to connect to them and speak as well. Ham radio signals could absolutely reach an international space station. :)


I've found some errors in this episode ("Zone of Exclusion"). I described them in detail at the forums here:
These errors are really bad and I tried to contact the creators to ask them about it, but with no result. I wish I could know what do they think about these errors and whether they did them that way on purpose or by mistake.


@Michelle those are the questions and depth of thought I would like to see discussed here. This episode truly discovered essential connections that we subconsciously suppressed as human beings. Martin upon seeing the Dr. recognized him as the jerk that ran into the cab earlier on. It caused him to see that Jake does not move without thought, he went in front of that cab for that reason. As much as we refuse to truly observe the connections it is beyond our belief of practicality, nothing in life would truly make sense, but they just occur because the world works that way. We just don't know why these things happen but they do and somehow things connect even without notice. I applaud this series for reaching a deeper meaning, it also encourages riveting, thought provoking topics.


I really liked this episode and enjoyed that the numbers played second to the theory of triangulation. The opening segment about the connections sometimes being blocked and nature finding a way to reconnect was what this was all about. As for the Dr., Martin had seen him. That was what the incident with Jake walking into the cab was all about. Martin is slowly getting that Everything Jake does is for a reason and he's paying attention. If you buy the premise that everything is connected the show is really entertaining and thought provoking. If you just watch, without thinking, it's probably not so much so. Also, Jake's offering Martin a turn at Cat's Cradle was a huge breakthough: the first time Martin was actually able to play with his son in any way but then there was also a question. Was Jake signalling that something about the pattern had something to do with Clea, who the triangle pattern was pointed at and who announced that she was off the case? The pattern is connected to the sister-in-law's company. Was he trying to tell them that the director and the company had to do with Clea's being taken off the case? There's way more to Touch than you seem to be giving it credit for.


This show is utterly pointless. Ridiculous coincidental patterns from real life are magically based on number sequences. Every single episode leads to one big deus ex machina. Very silly, annoying and unsatisfying. Tim Kring was a one trick pony after all.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

When two points are destined to touch, an indirect connection is impossible.


The universe will always find another way.