Vampire Diaries Press Release Teases New Season 4 Villain

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Klaus is not dead. Julie Plec has made this clear in multiple interviews since The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale aired.

But she's also teased a new villain on the way for season four (which will premiere in October, The CW announced today, along with its upcoming schedule) and a new network press release makes the same mention.

TVD Core Four

It reads, regarding what's ahead:

Season Four begins with the knowledge that everything is changing. As Elena and her friends enter into the final stretch of high school before graduation sends them off on different paths, their bond to their home town of Mystic Falls takes on a deeper meaning when a new villain seems intent on destroying it.

React now and be sure to get your first look at Beauty and the Beast, which will follow TVD this fall on Thursday nights!

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by the end of the season were going to see the kitsuen>> fox spirit>>> twins... so suck it up NON BOOKIES and get ready for the real story!


so far the new season has been epic... but following chats ans such i have come to believe the new villain is the kitsunes! the professor and April! just fits, there looks ther attitude... come on now, but if im wrong, ill bite it on it.... just hoping im right at-least a little... and so excited... would love to see the kitsuns in this!


Gotta be the kitsune twins. It has to. I loved them in the books, phenomenal villains. And the fact that they were each other's mutual weak spots made them semi-relatable, as all good villains should be. xD


i think that its gonna be jeremy. he still has the ring and that alters his personality. alaric became bigger than the originals so what's going to stop him from becoming another original. ayanna could do the same for jeremy as mama klaus did to alaric. the rings are really powerful and also somewhat resemble the kitsune. they both alter personalities and trick others into thinking that they can be useful against unwanted occurances. they also cause people to harm themselves.


I think Klaus not going to be the villain of this season. I think Julie Plec have permanently transformed the character of Klaus anti-hero, much like it did with Damon. I doubted it go do that when she was starting to show the past of Klaus and his father who maltreat have, and then when she added the couple has Klaroline Series I definitely knew that Klaus would not be the wicked. No, I think it will be Tatia, either Kitsunes.


Haven't read the book but yo!!!!!!!!!!!! I love vd I alwaz start biting my boyfrnd(wanna be vampire lol) can't wait for season 4


i'd like to see elena as a vampire...even though we get a glimps of it with katherine but she's different...if klaus is in tylers body does that mean tylers dead since he was staked while in klaus's body?


Why October and not september,October is just too far


Like everyone else, I was pretty sure Tatia would be the villain. but after reading "whathappened"s comment, I'm beginning to wonder if it might be the really old witch, Ayanna, that was friends with the originals when they were humans and is an ancestor of Bonnie's bloodline. I hope it will be Tatia as the villain and to stop her, they bring about Ayanna, or she brings about herself. The person that started doppelgangers and whose blood started the originals must be very powerful.


Having read the books and watched the series I do hope they continue to do their own thing sometimes on the series. The books aren't that great, very disjointed and poorly written. The series has been much better since the start.

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