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This just in: Elena Gilbert will turn into one of the undead on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere. This much we know.

Many questions surround this change, of course: How will she react? What will she remember about Damon? Will she still want to be with Stefan?

Klaus at the Door

But the most significant development from the third season finale will also impact Klaus, who Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec has already promised will be alive and sort of well when the show returns in September.

"The loss of the doppelganger is gonna be a BFD for Klaus and will drive his actions for the season," Plec tells TV Guide. "Suddenly he's vulnerable for many reasons. There's a stake that can kill him, a witch that can desiccate him, and no way to build up the hybrid army he needs - psychologically, at least - to feel safe. Plus, Caroline's going to be peeved at him once she realizes he bamboozled her. In other words, he ain't gonna be so happy."

Read through more spoiler scoop in the TV Guide Mega Buzz now and then vote: Are you glad Klaus is still alive?

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oh my god, i love vampire diaries and raelly CANNOT WAIT untill season 4!-literally crying because it was t on'when will it return?-PLEAASEEEE HUURRYYY!:'(


i tink elena would b safe being a vampire than a douppleganger


Emy - Even if it has to be the doppelganger whose blood could creat hybrids(thus minus Jeremy, since even if their the same blood, he's not the doppelganger), before Klaus was desiccate, he did managed to get alot of blood of Elena and we never did find out what he did with it or, where he put it, so there could be a chance that he still have them, so there's a chance he could still create his hybrids


I think If Klaus can be a good kisser for Caroline he will see another season finale.


Im so excited I've been waiting for elana to turn into a vamp for a wile now next season is going to be awesome for months is like waiting a life time grrrrr why does it have to be so far away


True ! Elena's been turn, has yet to complete her transition die or live as a vampire. And indeed, no more Doppelganger for Klaus...Ouch... That news is gonna drive insane ! That much I know and wanna see...


Yes, Julie comfirmed that Elena and Stefan will be together for some time


Julie Plec has already said that just because Elena becomes a vamp and remembers the moments Damon made her forget does not mean she is suddenly going to change her mind and be like 'Oh...I met you first, so now I choose you'. So let go of that fantasy.
Thank God teens don't write this show.


Boring !! Klaus has run his course and its time to move on to a real villian.


Edmond Dantes - Wow, Bufyy and Angel. It's been a very long time since I watched these, but from what I believe(and I could be wrong), there was a main villain(if not, at least 2 or, 3 more, that was as equal) in each season, but that's NOT counting all those little minions/extras that the show added. Vampire Diaries is different in this way. No extras/minions, just villain(or people as equal)

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