Bunheads Review: Fanny Unwinds

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Apparently my bun was wound too tight, so please accept my apologies for the late posting of the review of "For Fanny."

Despite our hopes to the contrary, and the show's unique ability to keep us wondering if maybe, just maybe, Hubbell might have been in a coma, that dear man was finally pronounced...

... well, we didn't know until Fanny talked about the memorial. The bunheads themselves were afraid to utter the word, and it was left to Boo to finally say it. Dead. Hubbell was dead.

Bunheads Scene

What hit me during the second airing of Bunheads was the slogan of ABC Family: A Different Kind of Family. This show, unlike any other to have reached the network so far, seems to fit that description to a T.

We have Michelle, who thought she was getting a fresh start, taking a chance at a life completely different than one she has ever known. There's Fanny, stuck with a daughter-in-law she didn't expect or want to like. There are four young girls who look to both as mentors, caring about them and each other as their own families seem unsteady and unable to provide them with the understanding they so desperately seek.

This really is a different kind of family. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the second episode continued to focus largely on the adults of the series. Known for its younger viewers, the adults in other programs on the network have been the supporting players, rather than the leads. It appears Bunheads could take the tide in a different direction. The relationship between the girls and Fanny and Michelle is rather lovely to watch. So far it has been very natural.

Sasha, Ginny, Melanie and Boo talk about them both in awe and as if they are 100-year old enigmas with secrets beyond their wildest dreams. It's fun to listen to their thoughts, imagining Michelle and Hubbell having sex, and that his losing his virginity was surely what killed him. Yep, teenagers would talk about exactly that!

Fanny spent most of her time burying her head in Buddhism and trying to score a nude sculpture of Hubbell and a tent from Ringling Brothers for a memorial service to take place on the Intrepid. In other words, she lost her mind. Totally acceptable under the circumstances, but nobody knew how to help her. Or did they?

Her students and Michelle knew one thing about Fanny that even her friends didn't understand. Her love of dance and the healing of the soul that could be achieved through that shared love. Together, they came up with the perfect memorial to Hubbell that honored his mother, a ballet recital to a Tom Waits song that Michelle found on his IPod.

I've said from the beginning (granted, it's been two weeks) that I didn't want to watch a show about ballet. So far the way they have incorporated dance into the story has been well worth it. 

The dance the girls did brought me to tears. It was perfect. The memorial was just what Hubbell would have wanted and it brought together his two favorite women, Fanny and Michelle. You could have blown Fanny over with a whisper when Hubbell's friend told her how long he had been in love with Michelle. And again when she found out he left his estate to Michelle.

Of course, we knew that would happen. It had to happen to keep Michelle in Paradise. I'm okay with some of the more trite moments, because they are leading to some genuinely lovely ones as Fanny, Michelle and their bunheads build a new kind of family. 


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@dani OMG Mitchum Huntzberger, I did not realise! Only thought he looked familiar.
The series puts me very much in mind of Gilmore Girls-- I am always half expecting for Lorelai to jump out from somewhere. In fact, when Michelle talks it sounds so much like Lorelai, it makes me miss Lauren Grahams face. And Fanny seems like a blend of Miss Patty and Emily Gilmore.
When I was watching Gilmore Girls I always thought it would have been nice to expand on Miss Patty's dance school, so this is kind of what I am getting now. The dance scenes are very beautifully choreographed and especially Julia Goldani Telles is amazing to watch.


The dance routine at the end was so lovely.


It sounds like there are a lot of mixed feelings on this show, which has just gotten me even more curious. I was a fan of Gilmore Girls back in the day and anything with a corgi in it is okay in my book! I’ll have to dig back through my DVR and find where I had the show recorded. I just got the new Hopper DVR that records everything on the major networks during primetime hours so, unknowingly, I’ve been prepped to become a Bunheads fan this whole time! It’s perfect because those shows air right when I’m getting off work at Dish and starting dinner for everyone so I don’t usually have time to watch it as it airs. Bunheads sounds like it’s worth making time for so I’ll let you know what I think!


Pretty bad show. Please cancel this and bring back Make It or Break It.


Finally- an entertaining show with clever dialogue and a bit of sparkle-


The preview was terrible. I thought the show would be dumb. Today a show was on abc family and then I realized it was bunheads. It was amazing and very addicting. It's just the show abc family needs. Now I can't wait for the next episode. It is surely a show that will keep you impatiently wanting more!!


@Richard In America, Buddhism has basically become another New Age pseudo-religion. They accurately capture the hippie Buddhists; it's not the show's fault that they aren't anything like actual Tibetan or Thai Buddhists.


Love the show, with one exception: they're portraying Buddhism as some kind of new-age cult. It isn't. Everything else on the show is perfect.


I was sad they killed Hubbel off so fast. I like his character.


Did anyone else notice that the bar guy was Mitchum Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls??? Maybe it's just my love of that show, but I can't help but see a lot of parallels.

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