Bunheads Review: Third Day Is A Charm

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It's hard to believe that "Inherit the Wind" takes place on Michelle's third day in Paradise. On the first, her husband died; the second featured his memorial; and on this one she discovered she had inherited everything, including a new subscription to Rolling Stone. That's the one part of the series so far that I find contentious.

Their grieving process, most especially Fanny's. was incredibly short. Everything came together too easily. Even imagining that just a few days before Hubbell had completely rearranged his legal affairs to include Michelle in every part of his life is borderline ridiculous. And yet... darn if I can't help absolutely loving Bunheads. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief to allow the dialog to roll and the small town antics to play out. 

An Ugly Feet Contest

We learned a little more about the bunheads and their interactions this week. As viewers, it was easy to dislike Sasha right off the bat, but I didn't realize that her friends found her just as unappealing as we did. The most charitable of the girls, Boo, didn't want Melanie and Ginny to talk poorly about Sasha behind her back and was standing up for her, even after Sasha tried to make Boo look like a fool in front of her crush, Melanie's brother Charlie.

While that moment would be enough to damage the spirit of a less kindhearted friend, Boo still didn't want to hear Sasha talked about negatively. All she got for her altruism was yet another strike from the claws of the catlike Sasha. 

Flash forward to a scene of Sasha peering in on a conversation between Boo and her mother and we found out that the basis for her animosity toward Boo is plain jealousy. She may be the perfect specimen for the career of ballet, but she'll never have a family as loving and connected as Boo's and something inside of her wants Boo to pay for her misfortune.

The sad part of that is I'd be willing to bet Boo and her mom would welcome Sasha into their home with open arms if she'd only let her guard down for a second. I'm counting on that being a part of our bunhead journey over the season.

Meanwhile, the up and down relationship between Michelle and Fanny continued, with more of a downward spiral at the news of the inheritance. Ginny's mom, the real estate broker, tried her best to scare the crap out of Michelle about the pitfalls of owning land and merely seeing Michelle with Claire caused Fanny to want to grab moving boxes and start packing, certain that she was soon to be homeless. You can't say that she's not dramatic!

Granted, everything is happening at a frenetic pace, but Michelle admitted to the handsome stranger upon whose private road she trespassed, and whom I'm guessing we just may see again as a romantic sparring partner for her, that she hasn't had a real home, so Paradise might as well be a place to hang her hat. Among other awesome Bunhead quotes, her conversation with Grant, aka Bill, brought us this brilliant line:

I honestly didn't think there was a scenario after the 1800s where people crapped in ground behind their house and then just left it there. But apparently there is, and suddenly I'm thinkin' about it, I'm talkin' about it; I'm septic tank girl! | permalink

Amy Sherman-Palladino still has an open invitation to script my life. Anybody who can write about a septic tank and make it seem charming has most certainly found their calling in life. 

Michelle found a way to try to live in peace with Fanny, and it looks like she's going to take an interest in the ballet school. I'd imagine the two of them will continue to butt heads for the foreseeable future, but they are best when they're in collusion: drinking together, dancing together. I imagine Paradise would be a force to be reckoned with in the world of ballet if the two of them found a harmonious way to live and work as a team. The best thing Hubbell may have done for both of them is give them the gift of each other. I wonder how long it will take for them to figure that out.

Bunheads still has my attention and has captured my heart. The characters are fun, quirky and even when you want to smack them, there is still that little tug at the heart strings to keep you from wanting to boot them off the screen. Is it still living up to your expectations? Let's chat about it in the comments!


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Since ABC Family wants to know if we have a favorite teen character, here's the answer: No. Don't really care about any of them. As a previous poster said, the teens in the show are pretty generic. None has a strong personality. I've watched three episodes and can't tell you anything about any of them. If ABC Family is trying to make this a teen oriented show (which I gather from their question), they kinda missed the fact that the two strongest actresses in the show are adults. I'm frankly surprised that they didn't cast a single memorable teen. Sorry, guys, but the kids literally add nothing to the show.


I was a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan, and while I do see some similarities, I don't sit there constantly comparing the 2 shows and their characters. Although this was my least favourite episode so far, I'm loving the how quirky the show is, and am excited to see more :)


Not as good as the first two but still good.


(contd.) their characters have gone (ie. seeing Luke and Lorelai in one episode so we can find out if they ended up staying together)


I still don't feel like Sasha is a sympathetic character. I get that her parents don't pay any attention to her and yes that does suck but she should lash out at them not her friends especially Boo who is just so darn likeable. I get that they are trying to make her a layered character but I just don't feel it yet I wanted to go and smack her the whole episode. She just seems like a spoiled rich girl right now but I hope the show can change my oppinion. I feel bad for Sutton because she is constantly gonna be compared to Lauren's Lorelai but its really not her fault the writing is just so similar that they seem like the same person (not that I mind though because I have missed Lorelai Gilmore). The one thing I must say is that seeing the shows setting is so similar to Stars Hollow I wish they had've made it be set there in Miss Pattys dance studio and reworked the story accordingly. That would've been amazing and get old cast members to come back and do cameos so we can find out where there characters stories have gone since we last have seen them (ie. seeing Luke and Lorelai for one episode and finding out if they stayed together)


I love all the discussion that is happening over this series! I definitely encourage you all to keep watching as it picks up some speed and the storyline develops. On behalf of the network, I love hearing what you all have to say every week! I will admit, that for myself, I find myself anxiously awaiting the next episode to see what happens. It seems like every week it ends on a cliff hanger so I can’t help but want more! Do any of you have a favorite teen dancer from the series? I know Sasha has definitely moved up for me after her secret was revealed in last night’s episode. Also, just as a friendly reminder, due to July 4th next week, Bunheads will be back with a new episode on July 9th!


I've gotten really sucked into the show, but I have to say that Sutton Foster's delivery is so much like Lauren Graham's that all I hear when her character speaks is Lorelai Gilmore. It's starting to get a little distracting. Amy Sherman-Paladino is known for her dialogue, which this show delivers. But another quirky small-town setting? Still, willing to see where this goes...


So far I still don't know how I feel about this show. It seems to me like it's moving too fast. Like There isn't a lot of time to start the story. So just kill the husband and leave but leave everything to Michelle. Felt really forced. Would have loved some more Hubble time and for Michelle and Fanny to have gotten more time to know each other before Michelle just invades her space even though it is technically Michelle's now.
I'm really loving Michelle and the girls and the dialog. I wasn't really a fan of Gilmore Girls so I'm not comparing shows. I just like the town and how they are ballet dancers. I will keep watching :)


I want to like the show, and Sutton F is doing a great job, but I'm still finding it cringe-worthy. It's trying WAY too hard at the quirky, and when the ultra-talented Kelly Bishop bores me, there's a problem.


I love the show, especially Michelle and the woman who plays her. I think some of Fanny's quick recovery, if you could call that, is her Buddhism. She did make me cry when she talked about her heart breaking. Michelle is much more patient then I would ever be with the people of Paradise. So far, the show has me charmed. I hope people start being nicer to Michelle, though, because, just like Sue Sylvester in Glee, the constant nastiness gets old after a while.

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Bunheads Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Michelle: I have a lake?
Claire: You have one lake and two swampy ponds. Plus geese, which means goose poop.

Michelle: You're so exhausting!
Fanny: We old people usually are.