Burn Notice Review: Yogurt For Two

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After last week’s Burn Notice explosive season premiere, we’ve all known that the path to rescue Fiona was going to be a long one. "Mixed Messages," meanwhile, showed us that it’s also going to be a dangerous and winding trip as well.

Maybe it's just me, but the "rescue Fiona" story line feels very similar to early seasons of Burn Notice where Michael took jobs for different power people to get little tidbits of information. Except this time he took a risky gig from his mentor Agent Tom Card in the hopes to earn a visit with Fiona. 

Right off the bat, I’m thrilled to see John C. McGinley Agent Card. His balance of sarcasm and wit with just a touch of physical comedy will make him an interesting counter point to the more poised Michael Westen. I hope we get to see more of Card and maybe a flashback or two to discover a bit more of their history. But I have to say, he was eating yogurt when we first met him, so he already has a point in his favor. 

John C. McGinley on Burn Notice

The job Michael took ended up putting Jesse on the front line. Did you feel bad that Jesse managed to sell Montero the story (that Kemp was double crossing him) so well that it got Kemp killed? The only part that confused me is how a DEA agent would know about an undercover CIA operative? Card mentioned he had lost some guys and Kemp admitted to tipping Montero off, I just must have missed how Kemp would know about them.

I'm glad the operation went well and that Michael might be able to visit Fiona soon. Especially since she had her own hands full, first dealing with the queen of the cellblock “DB," - how awesome was that slow motion slide through the smoke! I couldn’t help but cheer as she downed DB’s cronies and then took on the big woman herself. 

It was interesting to see that Fiona had actually made a female friend. I realized that we normally only see her with the guys, so this is a welcome change. That said, Taryn Manning’s portrayal of Nicole Doneski the prison inmate felt really similar to her role as Mary Ann McGarrett, Steve’s sister on Hawaii Five-0, right up to the point that she tried to kill Fiona, that is. I hope she can continue to make Nicole feel different. 

That leads us to the big question of who put Nicole up to killing Fiona: Anson? CIA? A new player? And where does this leave Fiona? Can she trust Nicole? Will she end up helping Nicole save her sister? 

I wasn’t sure how it was going to work to have Fiona separated from the guys, but it turns out it opened up a ton of story opportunities and is giving us a chance to see how Fiona can do when she has to make all the decisions.

What did you think of this week’s offering? Did you miss Anson or Pearce? Be sure and check out our Burn Notice quotes, as Michael and Tom had some great interactions! 


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What about the mini third watch reunion? between Carlos and Ty?


I worked in that unit for ~6 Months (when it was Urban Village rercod shop) and the radiators never worked. I now work in the unit behind (Diabolik) and they still don't bastard work! (but they do occasionally leave us a puddle of water on the floor).Midge


@Jim Garner
That's just what Agent Kemp said.


@Suzanne. They explained away Fi's accent in Season 1. She basically covers it up, to protect her identity. Also I wondered about the water scene too, until I realized, there were two sinks in the shot, one filled with water (maybe cold or room temp) and they were using the hose for hot water


I found the Fi subplot much more interesting than the "mission of the week." The reason is that Burn Notice has once again dragged out Stock Character #17, the overly dramatic Latino drugrunner dressed in a shiny suit. Enough already!!!!!


I really thought Nicole would buddy up with Fiona without any bumps in the road. Aw well, maybe.
I recall John McGinley's performance from 'The Animal'. Playing a cool, smart spy mentor is the opposite extent, but he managed to do it :)
Jesse was awesome, the way he wove his little stories. Seen a lot of times in the show, but first time I've seen it by Jesse.
Poor Nate. When he got together with Ruth, I didn't think it would work out. Then he had the baby, and I thought cool, they must have worked it out.
Then, she leaves him. :( thats so much worse for him since she took the kid.
I give the episode a 4. What I don't like is that ALWAYS when at the end, theres a huge action scene, it ends with us knowing very little. Fiona and Nicole had their tussle, and then its kinda OBVIOUS that someone wants Fi dead. It happened with Tavien too! *sigh* Waiting for next week's, as usual -.-


Pearce yes. Anson no. Loved seeing Nate however does he have a fate? And not a goods one.


What I miss the most so far is the client of the week. Granted the season is only 2 episodes old and you could make an argument that the CIA was it this week, but I want the real mccoy. CTW has always been the bread and butter of the show. Even IMMEDIATELY after Mike narrowly avoided being blown up they took on a client. I sincerely hope the quest for Anson does not dominate the week to week micro view arc. Tom Card taught Mike everything he knows? Um, excuse me, but we learned in the S4 finale (part 1) that Dead Larry holds that distinction (i.e. the scene where Mike and Larry are scouting Albert M.'s compound). And speaking of Larry, it does genuinely seem like he has finally lived up to his name. Finally, I'm sad that the ratings were off for week one. "swamp people" bested a very good episode that did not even score a 4 in the Neilsen ratings. No other season premier in the summer, including the pilot, ever scored so low. Hopefully this is just a blip and not the beginning of the end for Michael and Co.


@ReaRea2013, I thought the Joint Task Force was only a story Jesse was selling. If it was real then it makes complete sense :) -- thanks.


The reason Agent Kemp of the DEA knew about the CIA undercovers was because of the joint task force between the agencies. And @Michael Larry is dead.

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Michael: You said she would ruin my life.
Tom: In my defense, I didn't know so many people would be lining up to ruin your life.

Tom: Let me make this clear right up front. You screw this up there will be no life line, no safety net. It will be just you and me with our asses flapping in the wind. How does that sound to you?
Michael: Sounds like a risk I'm willing to take.