Criminal Minds Season 8: Jeanne Tripplehorn Cast as New Profiler

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Criminal Minds has announced a major casting move.

Jeanne Tripplehorn will join the CBS drama as a series regular on season 8, coming on board as “a new profiler,” according to producer Erica Messer. “Her character will be introduced in the premiere.”

Jeanne Tripplehorn as Barb

Tripplehorn helped anchor HBO's Big Love for five seasons; earned an Emmy nod for her portrayal of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in Grey Gardens; and appeared most recently on multiple New Girl episodes.

Her casting is meant to offset the loss of Paget Brewster, who exited after Criminal Minds Season 7.

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To the CBS writers of Criminal Minds:
My husband and I are Die-Hard fans of Criminal Minds since the DAY it started. I look forward to Wednesday night's television show line-up because of "Criminal Minds". I have watched EVERY show's rerun several times until I know them by heart! My husband, as well.
We have been watching this season, and find that Jeanne Tripplehorn's character adds "NOTHING" to the show at ALL. We find NOTHING appealing about the character she plays, except a stiff-boarded 'extra' body with ZERO personality. She doesn't even seem 'human'. She has a brain, but nothing compared to Reid. With Reid, do we 'need' this new character? No. Reid, compared to her, is nothing that can compare! He is BRILLIANT! There is nothing "HE" cannot handle, and that has been proved numerous times over. In fact, she takes AWAY from Reid AND the other characters we all LOVE!
I cringe when she gets a cameo shot because I don't feel her character 'adds' to the show in any way. Give that cameo back to Reid or the other characters! ALL the characters have some sort of personal life, too, except HER? Why not? She is SO boring! She can't even crack a smile! The writer's cannot give her a personal life to share with us because of time restraints. Hint, hint. There are too many Profilers, and one needs to go, and that character is HER!
WHY you added her character, I do NOT understand? In my opinion, this character detracts from the show because it's just another Profiler adding her two cents when that time could be better focused on other things. I'll even be willing to bet that the writer's of the show have a hard time fitting her character in, as I just said! Do I hear a 2nd on that comment?
She has ZERO personality traits that are appealing or that enhance the show.
When a new character is added, we are all looking to see if there is an underlying 'something' we don't know about, and there is not with her. She is what you see. BORING! Is she after the Director's job? I ask that because she would be be GREAT in that aspect. She fits right into 'that' character trait, but NOT part of the Team!
As for being part of the 'team', she is NOT. Her interactions, to me, are worthless. It's the beginning of December, and since this character has NOT developed herself, remove her! This 'extra character' cannot be salvaged now. The timing was missed. "IF" this character was going to add to the show, she should already have proved it and why.
You cannot bring Prentiss back again. Too late. You should NOT have let her come back if she was going to leave again in the first place. (Now Prentiss had a personality! She had a life! See the difference?) I agree with another comment made here about that. Now that JJ is a Profiler, a NEW character is NOT 'needed'. Let's focus on JJ, too! That has NOT been done, except for the short Halloween spot. Is that ALL JJ gets?
Best thing to do: have this character LEAVE the show. Pick the show back up like it used to be! It will be a small team again, but with the same number of Profiler's it originally had, which was PERFECT! Put more emphasis back on our original characters, like it used to be. (And what happened to the girl Reid was talking to on the Payphone?)
PLEASE reconsider the show! I DON'T want to see the END of this show ALL because of Jeanne Tripplehorn's HORRID character!


I have been watching criminal since it began. I am not happy about the new girl tripplehorn. They cannot replace Paget and if they cannot get her back, the team can handle it on their own. They don't need to add to the group, it didn't,t work the last time. They can manage on their own.


I am not happy with the addition of Tripplehorn - please bring back Paget - no one can replace her and the hole left due to her absence is making the show incomplete.


Ms Blake is a fantastic actress & I believe she will make a great new profiler (i am in UK so not aired here yet). Although she is good Thomas Gibson & Kirsten Vangsness really make the team with Andrea Joy Cook & Matthew Gray Gubler keeping enough interest for the rest of the time. I am truly addicted & can't wait till it's return here in the UK.


Please bring Paget back. Give her more money or something. The show is not good without her. She is amazing actress and spoke all those languages.Big mistake letting her go. Her parts were so excting Nice to see one tough lady FBI Agent. YOu broke the family up. THe one you got to replace her, What were you thinking, not. She is so boring boring.Please if you dont want to get canceled,I think you better be trying real hard to Pageet back. One hell of an actress.And LOrd have mercy get rid of that boring one.Please! And I hope see sees these comments to let Paget know how good she was and how much we want her back.I love this show and have watch it for years and now its not so good any more.


I miss Prentis...........


The new profiler is awful!


I am very sorry for directors, but without Paget Brewster, this addictive "Criminal Minds" will not be as successful as when her as Emily, besides, who in the world can believe that a new casting with such different character, almost the opposite, we all the viewers can switch back again and watch CM,time will tell you should do something quickly to replace or think over to get the right character...Paget is just the right one, the feeling that gives them all the message of action and profiling.
I am sorry, giving the new lady a chance is like practicing, I thought all members and producers have heard us the fans, hope they do this time. Thanks.


What? Reid having a girlfriend???


nope im not happy i love Paget im not happy that shes gone.

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