Eric Dane Not Shocked By Chyler Leigh's Grey's Anatomy Exit

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Will Eric Dane's Mark Sloan become the latest victim of a tragic plane crash when Grey's Anatomy returns in September? Dane recently commented that he isn't sure if Mark will survive the premiere.

While it's hard to see Grey's Anatomy Season 9 beginning with another tragic casualty, Dane shared his thoughts this week about his co-star Chyler Leigh surprisingly being killed off the show in May.

"I wasn't [shocked] because I knew that Chyler wanted to spend some more time with her family," Dane said. "It's a tough schedule to keep up and she's been working on the show for five seasons."

"So I wasn't shocked. Sad and a little surprised but not shocked. We're going to miss her."

Doc Sloan

Leigh, the mother of three young children, clearly wanted to spend more time with them. Fans were kept in the dark regarding her departure, but it appears her co-stars were at least somewhat tuned in.

Eric's sentiment echoes that of Chyler Leigh herself, who said in a statement not long after the finale that "Earlier this year, I made the decision that season eight would be my last on Grey's Anatomy."

"I met with [Shonda Rhimes] and we worked together to give Lexie's story appropriate closure. I am very lucky to have worked with this amazing cast and crew for five seasons."

"My experience on Grey's Anatomy is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. I want to take this time to say thank you to the fans. Your unconditional love and support have made these last five years so special."

If Mark dies, it's unclear how many fans the show would have left.

Think he'll make it? Will everyone else? Share your comments!

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can someone please tell me what days the new shows come on and i have cable in TN if u no anything about that can u tell me what chanal it comes on and if its abc what chanal is that i cant find it thank u


Die Mark die!!!


(continued)...But then again JCap just had her third child and it's not like Eric Dane just had a third kid recently, oh wait he did. But I guess that excuse is only reserved for women not being able to work.


The chances of Arizona actually dying are pretty slim. Think about it, if JCap really wanted to leave Arizona would have died in the season finale. If there's going to be someone who dies they are not going to be in the 9th season at all because of the legalities of there contracts if they were optioned out and none of Arizona's people were at the crash site to say good-bye. Shonda ALWAYS has the loved one right there if a main character dies. Add to that there's a new writer on staff at Grey's that has written about gay parenting and has been tweeting JCap about how happy he is that he's going to be able to work with her. Which again says to me that she's not dying. Now Mark on the other hand has about a 50 percent chance of coming out alive because he does have his people around him. And he is the only one of the plane crash victims that is emotionally and physically damaged. Mark doesn't seem to have anything to live for, including his child apparently (his words, not mine). But then again JCap just had her third child and it's not like Eric Dane just had a third kid recently, oh wait he did. But I guess that excuse is only reserved for women not being able to work.


Sadly I think it might be Arizona who dies u know Cu's of family stuff and it would make a good storyline that shows how he and callie cope with the loss..


Arizona will be the one to die. The actress just had a baby in January and is expecting another baby. Her third. I think she will to spend time with her family also. The actress who plays April just had a baby in the past year also. I think she might leave also.


I have a feeling Arizona might die. Based off of Callie's speech about how her life was awful and now its amazing....seems like something Grey's would do.


I don't think that its mark who is going to die its will probably be arizona because her leg was just messed up I hope that she doesn't die because I like her.


You know what? I think that if someone dies in the upcoming premiere it will not be Marl, but sadly, Arizona. That would force Mark to step up and be a parent and try to get over Lexie's death alongside Callie and their baby. Character development (?)


Remember when Izzie left? Yes, it was great.

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