Fairly Legal Review: Disaster's Looming

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"Borderline" had Kate Reed headed in a direction that a year ago would have made me very happy. But fast forward to the present and that same decision left me cold.

When Kate told Justin she was looking for a casual fling between them with no complications you could tell by the look on his face that he wanted more. He's wanted more from the very beginning of the show but being back in Kate's bed made agreeing to her terms worth it. Still, I knew that wouldn't last long.

Kate & Ben Take A Road Trip

I've always liked Justin and rooted for him and Kate to find their way back. But for a man with such an innate sense of right and wrong, the revelation that he cheated on her definitely put a damper on those hopes. With that in the back of my mind and even though I knew he was joking with Lauren, his response to her walking in on him and Kate in this Fairly Legal quote made me cringe.

Lauren: As your legal council?
Justin: You should be happy you found me with Kate and not a hooker. | permalink

I know he didn't cheat on Kate with a hooker but that line still made me squirm.

Justin was on such a high after winning his case that I knew what was coming. He wanted Kate back, for real and permanently. 

Justin: We can win if we both refuse to lose. | permalink

I really thought that when he pushed, Kate would have gone running in the opposite direction. A year ago she would have. Heck, that's exactly what she did but something has changed.

That something was Ben Grogan. I used to think Kate and Justin had great chemistry but that was before Ben came along. Ben challenges Kate but at the same time seems to accept who she is in a way that Justin never has. There's something about the way Ben looks at Kate that grabs me every time.

And just when I wondered if he was going to crawl back into his arrogant playboy shell and protect himself he came out with a line like this.

Ben: Love is never easy. You don't have to be seventeen you just have to be brave. | permalink

But unfortunately Kate Reed wasn't brave. At least not when it came to her heart. She froze like a deer in the headlights in that hot tub and as much as I hated it, Ben was right to walk away. 

Did anyone else notice the cell phone backgrounds Kate had for Ben and Leo. Leo's was a tropical oasis but Ben's was a brick wall. Ben frustrates Kate and she doesn't know what to do with him.

Kate Reed's scared and that's OK. She's not ready to take the plunge with Ben and that's OK too. What makes her a coward is that she's diving back in with Justin because he's a safe place to hide and I have no doubt that disaster is looming for both of them.


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Christine, you're my favorite Fairly Legal blogger. Your analyses so echo the way I feel about the show, about each episode, it's downright scary! The only thing is, in Borderline, I'd like to have seen Ben pushing things just a *little* bit further than he did. OTOH, his being a gent and giving Kate the space to be scared also enabled her to stay on a high moral ground with Justin, knowing she never cheated on him the whole time they were still maintaining their odd relationship--even after they were divorced. And for Kate's sanity, I really applaud that.


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I do not want to see kate and Ben together, the thought make me sick. If she get with Ben in next season count me out, I am done with fairly Legal.


Leah- although I actually do think a very small reason why Ben was upset that Kate stood him up was "ego" thing so I could appreciate that moment lost. But on the other hand- he has been psychanalyzing her from the very start so he must have expected that she would run.


Angie - I totally thought the same thing about Justin. I feel like it was a political move, especially when in the beginning of the episode he told her to tell people it was none of their business. Like he wanted to keep it a secret at first. That didn't sit well with me at all. The other thing that aggravated me was when Kate finally had the guts to say something to Ben about standing him up for dinner and he blew it off. He acts just as afraid as her sometimes and the two of them keep missing their moments....it's driving me nuts! The dream thing at the beginning confused me, but then I was thinking about how it tied in to her comparison of falling in love. That the wave rushes over you but you're not scared of drowning - and she's dreaming of a tsunami. I thought that was pretty prophetic. I watched a clip from next weeks episode on USA's website and it does not look like Justin is seriously hurt, like portrayed in the preview, but it does look like Kate is not comfortable being back together. And poor Ben is just stuck watching this whole scenario play out. I am so nervous that there are only two episodes left and that they are going to leave us hanging for a year!


Was Justin seriously hurt in the accident? I just saw a preview.


Did I miss something? I thought two episodes ago Kate had found an Apartment. I was surprised that Justin and her was caught in Laurens home.


Kate totally does not deserve Justin. Now I would love Justin and Lauren to get together as a serious, happy couple - it would be lovely to see Kate reap the awkwardness and humiliation. Besides, Justin and Lauren will be excellent partners on all levels.
Overall, Kate is one of the messiest and least sympathetic main characters on TV nowadays.


I agree with everything you said completely! She ran back to Justin out of fear...clearly her heart lies with Ben and that terrifies her. The was she said "ok" to Justin with no emotion, while tearing up and staring at Ben's heart-shaped rock said EVERYTHING she couldn't say out loud. I think that in the next episode where she is back with Justin, they're going to realize that they didn't work as a couple for a reason, even before the admission of cheating. As you said so eloquently, Ben challenges her, but also accepts and even admires her for who she is. This is something that Justin has never fully done. He wants to change her...Ben wants her the way she is. She and Ben light up the screen when they're together, the chemistry is undeniable and I think she is going to come to a realization about that before the season finale. I also see what you're saying about Justin and Lauren, I actually do like them together, but at the same time I don't want to see her and Kate completely at odds. Maybe somewhere down the line that could work, only with Kate's blessing of course. ;)


I'd like to see Justin and Lauren get together but, OMG! Can you imagine how pissed Kate would be. First her dad, then her ex. That might be a little too much to handle and I like seeing Kate and Lauren working together for a change. Unless somehow Kate would be OK with that relationship, I think it would be a disaster.

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