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I was so frustrated by this episode too. I sooo wanted them back together all of last season. But then Ben Grogan happened and It's now the furthest thing from what I want. She is a great big coward going back to what is safe and comfortable and she knows it's wrong. I just really hope they don't destroy the friendship she has with Justin but that may be the only way for her to move forward. And I really don't like the idea of Justin with Lauren. It's gross. I mean the woman was married to Kate's dad and that pissed her off enough. The relationship is at a good place between Lauren/Kate and I don't want to see it mucked up yet. They've come so far. But it would all go up in a spectacular ball of flames if she slept with Justin and Kate found out.

Here's hoping Kate wises up and snags Ben in the future. And omg how awesome was that hottub scene. That man is lovely~! :D


Kate needs to figure out what she wants. She has two gorgeous men who want her but with Ben she looks terrified and with Justin she's sad. Maybe she needs to take six months and get her life on track being single. Maybe during the hiatus because I do want to see a lot more of Ben! Also Justin and Lauren have potential.



You can see that Ben left the rock on the edge of the hot tub when he stood up. The next time we see it is when Kate picks it up off her desk so it looks like maybe he left it there for her but you're right. It's not entirely clear.


I actually thought Justin wanting to get together with Kate was also a political move since it is more attractive to the average voter for an attractive man to have a serious girlfriend/wife.

Also did Ben give her the heartshaped rock or did Kate just take it?

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