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When I said disaster was looming for Kate and Justin in my review of the previous Fairly Legal episode, I had no idea there would be so much potential for it in the very next episode.

"Force Majeure" didn't deliver the upcoming implosion of Justin and Kate's relationship that I'm fairly sure is coming, but it damn near ended Justin's political career.

The concert showed the differences between Justin and Kate's personalities. Kate was swooning over the music but he seemed indifferent. Justin wanted to head home because of an early meeting, yet Kate begged to keep the party going. 

Justin Introduces Kate To a Singer

Even when the guy lit up the joint in the limo, Kate acted like it was no big deal, even though she knows Justin is a law and order guy. 

Sometimes opposites complement one another and sometimes, over the long haul, they just become tiresome.

That limo ride almost became career suicide for Justin. Hanging out in the car with a bunch of musicians drinking and smoking pot would have been enough fodder for Davidson to derail Justin's campaign. Add in the four baggies of cocaine and it spelled his political downfall.

What struck me was that even though Kate was concerned for Justin, she seemed more worried about whether he blamed her and her main focus was on Claudia.

On the flip side, Lauren had Justin's back. She seemed to understand and accept Justin for who he was in a way that Kate did not. It was both funny and telling when Lauren asked him if he'd done anything un-Justin-like in the back of that limo and in this Fairly Legal quote he replied…

I was 100 percent stick in the mud. | permalink

Lauren was relieved. But it looked like Lauren had a new love interest... maybe. Robin Archer was handsome, charming, incredibly rich and intrigued by Lauren. Unfortunately he lied to her about something as basic as whether or not he had kids. 

I couldn't blame Lauren for walking away. This guy's version of complicated could lead to disaster but somehow I don't see him giving up on her quite so easily. Robin Archer is a man used to getting what he wants.

Back to the case, I couldn't figure out why Kate was so convinced the drugs weren't Claudia's when she'd met the woman all of 10 minutes ago. There are moments when Kate's idealism is charming and others when it just seems silly. This time she was bordering on the latter.

But Ben followed her down that road, even if he didn't believe the conspiracy theory was true. He knew they had to come up with a good story because as he said about the prosecution…

Ben: They're going to treat her like she blew up an orphanage field trip to an animal shelter. | permalink

In the end Claudia got to go home, Justin's campaign was saved and Kate and Justin... well. He's acting like they're a done deal while Kate keeps deflecting the question. They're both in complete denial of what they want from one another. It's as though they believe if they keep acting like nothing is wrong it will eventually make it right.

Somehow I don't think that's going to work.

Do you think Justin and Kate will survive next week's season finale? Will Ben be their to pick up the pieces or be witness to a continuing romance? I know who I'm rooting for but I'm not sure there's going to be a win/win for anyone this time.


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Lauren sounds like a better pair for Justin than Kate does. As much as I do enjoy Justin & Kate Ben suits Kate more. Although I do like Justin more because Ben annoys me, I dont think Kate will be happy with Justin if she is still wondering about her almost thing with Ben. They are going to implode until Kate matures. If the show does go that route.


Despite the lack of major progression of the Ben and Kate storyline, i thought there was alot of movement in terms of a resolution for Kate and Justin or rather, closure for their relationship. It's obvious that both Kate and Ben are unable to shake the idea of the possibility of them being a couple. What peeves me to no end is that if it wasn't for Ben stating that it was an "ego" thing that made him upset instead of the truth laat week we would have seen Ben and Kate already as a couple! Also I like how they showed how much Kate and Justin have changed and probably what made their marriage collapse in the first place. What amazes me is that Ben doesn't seem to lack the attention from the ladies and that he isn't dating around to move on from Kate! Maybe he doesn't want to?


I feel like the build up since the Ben/Kate kiss has been amazing until this episode. I felt a little let down. Ben had a very small role this week but I am hoping that gets remedied in the finale. I think Kate and Justin are great together...as friends. I don't think they can go back to what they used to have. There is too much baggage and they are such different people. I love the connection with Ben, and you get the impression that his attitude is all a cover to protect himself emotionally. I am really hoping we get to see Ben/Kate unite in the finale, but also that we get to see more of the real Ben. I am going to be so sad when this season is over!


ben is always commenting on whatever kate is doing, yes he is funny sometimes, but he is an ass. just because he likes kate now, he is playing nice, but in the beginning he was selfish and rude. justin cares for kate, and wants the best for her. they have a passion that can not be explained. i saw it in season 1 and i still see it. i just hope kate realises that and stays with justin.


Definitely Team Ben! But then we might not see a resolution if there is no 3rd season. Even if there is a 3rd season, I hope the writers don't see saw too much between Kate's choices between Justin & Ben becos it insults my intelligence! I am one of those who disliked Ben in the beginning but he gets better & better as a person who shows he has compassion & a caring heart. Even goes to the extent to get Justin off the hook to continue his campaign scandal free even though he knows that Kate & Justin are back together.


Justin may be a law and order kind of guy, but he and Kate share a passion for law and justice whereas Kate has to drag Ben there. I've dated the Bens and the Justins. Men don't really change. Will Kate be happy dragging Ben to her viewpoint of the law every time? I doubt it. Kate needs someone more grounded than her for sure. She really ticks me off sometimes. I know the show is heading her towards Ben. Whatever. He's ok.


She is DEFINITELY going to choose Ben, it is obvious where her heart is. The scene in the theater where she sees that Justin is checking his phone and then Ben walks in...the smile on her face when she saw him said it all. And then in the final scene we see her listening to the singers song on her phone, and Ben running while listening to the same song. 1.2.3 awwww... Freaking love this show...it's kind of a problem. There better be a 3rd season or I will be

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