Glee Season 4 Promo: Who Stays? Who Goes?

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Fox is going all out to promote its move of Glee to Thursday nights this fall. Yes, already.

The network has come out with a teaser for Glee Season 4, using footage from concluding Season 3 episodes and asking questions such as: Which students will go? Which will stay? Where will Will and Emma get married? Will Sue ever give birth?

Watch the first official promo now and remember: Glee airs Thursdays at 9/8c when it returns in September.

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i hope kurt comes back because he is my fav
i love him so much!!!
i hope there will be more kurt and blaine scenes because i love klaine so much and they are just right for each other!!!
so bring back kurt please please please i love him so much
he is just so funny and cute he also has the most amazing voice bring him back
(sorry im letting my fan-girl out right now)


I hope brittany and santana are still together.


I want to see finn and rachel again!!!! I want them to be together!!!!!!! They r the best couple ever!!!!!


I want to see finn and rachel again!!!!!! I want them to get back together!!!!! They r the best cou


I wany to see rachel end finn married.... end lea end cory married toooo


I really really hope that Joe Hart (Samuel Larsen) will be back and I'm sooo dying to have more of Quinn and Joe's budding romance. I wanna see them KISS!!! OMG!


I luv glee and im proud to be a gleek no matter what


I hope everyone will be back. I want to see Finn and Rachel get back together and him not going back to the army


Wow i can't wait!


Are those the important questions season4 will answer? I don't care about Sue's baby. I want to know if Kurt gets to go to NY so that he, Rachel and Santana can share an apartment. I want to know how long it will take for Puck to go to New Haven instead of LA and stay with Quinn. I want to know if Mercedes will really get her big break in LA. I want to know how long will it take for Finn to go grovelling back to Rachel. I want to know if this show will get its groove back and manage the x amount of storyline it committed itself to in the finale of season 3.

Glee Quotes

[to Blaine] Relationships are about trust. And I don't trust you anymore.


Mercedes: Sam just Tweeted that I smelled good.
Sam: I won't stop until it's Trending.