Glee Season 4: New Challenges, New Enemies, Old Status

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We're mere hours removed from the emotional end of Glee Season 3. But it's not too soon to talk and speculate about Glee Season 4, is it?

In a recent interview with Vulture - the same one that teased American Horror Story Season 2 - creator Ryan Murphy offered up a few tidbits and spoilers regarding plans for the show's return this fall.

Glee Season Finale Scene

"I will say the story for season four gets back to the underdog status and that will appease people, maybe," Murphy said, answering critics who believe Glee partially lost its way when New Directions grew too successful.

Murphy also responded to the words of Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly, who said last week at the network's upfront that Glee would go the a "creative renaissance" next year, clearly a dig at season three.

"Kevin wants a Glee that’s about Top 40, pop culture, big stars. So I know that he loved the end of this season, and I went and pitched him the next season and I think he loves it because it’s very pop-culture-based."

Finally, Murphy addressed two non-graduating characters: Will and Sue, played, of course, by Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch.

"What I like is they will no longer be playing the same stories. Jane needs to get a new enemy and fast. Same for Matt. Matt has to have a new challenge and a new thing. We did not want to repeat the formula we’ve done. The show will be very different, but I think very satisfying."

Are you intrigued by these teases? Ponder them, react to them and give Glee Season 3 a grade now:

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Finchel is the most unhealthy relationship on any show. First the pity sex, then getting engaged and almost married for the wrong reasons. This after Finn says he has nothing special in his life RIGHT IN FRONT OF RACHEL! Then has the nerve to get ask her to give up her NY dream to follow Puck to LA for a dream he's had for all of 2seconds. And worse, that she was actually gonna do it. They are extremely dependent on each other. They both need to be apart and live their own lives otherwise they'll just end up resenting each other.


I'm glad to see Finn and Rachel broke up, but I want to see Rachel in season 4, I would like to see Rachel happy with someone better than the Finn, because Finn is no evidence he devoted himself to let Rachel go to new york, I beg you, if no rachel in season 4 I do not feel like watching eager glee, because only one thing that makes me want to watch the glee every day ... is rachel, I beg, I want always to see Rachel, because Rachel is very pretty and her lips when singing is distinctive because it's all I so love rachel


How can you not want Finchel back, let's face it, not all couple are perfect in real life. Some that look perfect outside are really miserable inside and that is y I love Finchel, maybe boring but really love eachother, their last scence was heartbreaking. I want them back plsssssss.


we only just watched the finale in aust, can't believe they broke up Finn & Rachel what the hell?! I need them back together! Lol but I did think it was great that the whole glee club were there to send Rachel off to New York, had me in tears at the end of the episode. Wahh, I can't wait til later on for season 4!!


Have we all forgotten dave!? What the heck!? We're just like oh here ya go dave a nice belt to chew on! Oh nevermind! We'll just let kurt homo ya up and then bam! No dave karofsky!? Nah! Not beeping cool! And Azimio!?!? My ten am slushie routine!!!!!! I hate glee now..screw it i give up. :( i hope they bring dave back to reason with himself and be happy


I can see Jesse ending up in NYC with RAchel, you could see at nationals that he still has something for her. I loved the final episodes, was really surprised that Kurt didn't get in.
I still love finchel and we still have the wedding they will all come back for - will and Emma


Finchel better come back next season, I miss them


oh glee, you've only been gone for 29 hours and i already miss you like crazy! please come back to me!!! D':


I believe the show should stay on the exact course of the high school timeline and maybe through the eyes of Mr Schuester. Meaning seniors graduate and new kids come in as freshman. It is sad (trust me i balled my eyes out during the finale) but it will keep the show fresh. I always thought it was weird that when the glee club first started no one was a junior or a senior. There were no geeks in either of those two grades? What happened to the kids in the glee club that was already there before when Sandy Ryerson was in charge?


First of all I want Kurt as a son...And I agree with the majority of you..I cant wait that long. Thank you for breaking up Finn and Rachel it was long past due. However you should have made fin cheat on her or something dramatic. Because now I can see they will be getting back together soon, and I'm not sure that is good. If this happens they will be a boring couple as mentioned above some where. And yes my wife and I are Gleek's. I blame her!!! Rock on Kurt!!!

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Glee Quotes

[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.