Gossip Girl Caption Contest 214

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Welcome to the 214th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic. Yep, 214... what a run! If you're new, this is where our readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama. Let's do it.

Your Caption Contest winner, using a photo from late in Gossip Girl Season 5, is Jarrod Mitchell. Congrats on a job well done. The Simpsons quotes are always appreciated, and this one was great.

Honorable mentions go out to About_150_times and Amie. Thanks to all for playing!

Chuck Bass Onesie

Chuck: It feels like I'm wearing nothin' at all! Nothin' at all! NOTHIN' AT ALL!
Nate: Stupid sexy Chuck!

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Nate: Phew. I think we lost the fashion police.
Chuck: I still think I'm not guilty.


C: What big bangs you have, Nathaniel? N: Better to seduce your wanna-be mother, Chuck. C: What big brains you have, Nathaniel? N: I don't get it. C: Exactly


Chuck: oh yeah I can wear this and still look 100 times better than dan


Chuck; Alright Nathaniel it's the last time to get funky!
To the right now...
To the left..
Take it back now y'all...
Right foot, right stomp
Left foot left stomp
Cha cha real smooth
Everybody clap your hands!
Nate[gets confused]: You seriously expect me to be able to concentrate on the
Cha Cha Slide in that outfit?


Chuck: Hey, Nate, I'm heading out for a run in this, wanna come?
Nate: I don't think so. You look funny.


Nate: Who are you?
Chuck: "I'm Catchup Bass"


Na-no Na-no
I'm Mork and I come from Ork.


Nate: So where did you get this costume?
Chuck: Back when I thought Diana was my mother, she sent me this Teletubby costume, since I once hinted I sympathised with Po. If you want, I can get you a Tinky Winky one.


Nate: I told you roleplaying Little Red Ridding Hood would be boring! We should go with Snow White next time...


lmao i'm for the flanders thing xD

Gossip Girl Quotes

Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

Gossip Girl

Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?