Kevin Williamson Teases Phoebe Tonkin on The Vampire Diaries, Confirms End of The Secret Circle

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Oh, Kevin Williamson, you tease.

In an interview with IGN, mostly focused on his upcoming Fox series The Following, this super producer took time to answer a few questions about The Vampire Diaries - and whet the appetites of fans with one intriguing possibility.

Faye Chamberlain Image
The Old Elena

After first crushing the dreams of Secret Circle viewers hoping to somehow save the canceled CW drama ("I am so sorry to all the fans, but that show is gone."), Williamson turned to that show's breakout star, referred to Phoebe Tonkin as "awesome" and added:

"I want her on Vampire Diaries. I ought to write her in."

Whoa. Yes, Kevin. Yes, you should!

It might be too early to get overly excited over the possibility, but we can't help it. Would you want to see Tonkin in Mystic Falls?

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Yeah, that would be great, but unlike some of you I wouldn't want her to play Faye. I want Kevin Williamson to write a new character for her, I'd like to see her play someone else, see what else this talented actress can bring on.


she would have made a way better main character! Elena is sooo boring she could have spiced her up, and she's way more appealing than nina! Imagine her and ian making out..omg it would be insane! I think I have a girl crush..


she has to be in TVD !! i love her very much. and i think she will perfect in TVD !! please she will act.


Tvd yes, I also want to see phoebe!!


What happens to your state of consciousness happens to Phoebe Julie ... phoebe should have this series!


Jake can play Faye would have been nice to play .... :))


Faye ...... hmm is this great! tvd certainly play faye ...


TSC is over, but the players really liked it a shame: ((tsc definitely someone to play in this story!


Rebekah Faye's good friend, love, and certainly attend if Katherina, or certainly should not miss this series is mutism ı love fayeee


Definitely attend! Phoebe is a very good player with this ability should play a series vampire diaries pruning should take part in the series .... Phoebe!

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