Longmire Review: Not Playing with Fire

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Walt Longmire is a not a man who horses around.

And the all-business sheriff was more focused than ever on "A Damn Shame," the third episode of this A&E drama and an installment that focused on the death of three animals, along with the presumed death of a former mobster.

Longmire's Team Under Fire

The hour played out more like a procedural than the opening two episodes of Longmire, a complaint I voiced last week and the same one I have this time around.

Aside from the countryside and the constant emphasis on Walt as an old school subtle man of the law (we get it, he doesn't have a cell phone), Longmire feels a bit too much like CSI at the moment. Which is fine if you like CSI. I simply need more than a Case of the Week to keep my attention in the grand scheme of a TV show.

"A Damn Shame" opened on a crime scene... revealed a few new clues along the way... presented a twist about halfway through... and wrapped up with the bad guy apprehended. Even the use of "Hallelujah" - perhaps the most covered song in history - came across as trite. There wasn't a lot here that felt especially original.

Seriously, aside from Ferg, did any viewer not instantly know the supposed FBI agent was a member of the mob?

Walt also feels like too much of an all-knowing superhero. Most crimes have been solved so far with him somehow noticing a minute clue, following his hunch and filling in his colleagues later on. I'd love to actually see more of Branch in action, and I'd especially love to learn more about Vic. There's clearly a deep backstory here from her time on the East Coast, something used as a convenient plot point (good thing she happened to have an organized crime pal!) on this episode, but something I'd prefer to see more fleshed out in the future.

I'll stick around for another couple weeks. There's enough here - from the acting to the setting - to hold my interest. But with Sunday nights remaining the most packed on television, I'll need more than an all-seeing, sullen Walt Longmire solving a new case each week to keep me coming back.


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Converse county only has one sheriff...but I believe absoroka county is actually in Montana...


As a fan of Craig Johnson's mystery novels, from which (at least the characters and the setting are taken), I like this show. Too many "crime" shows (where the good guy beats the bad guy in the end) depend upon lots of horse or car chases, and the hero often stopping the bad guy with superior firepower or beating up the bad guy, I like the idea of an intelligent, thoughtful hero.
The original critique wondered about the back story of "Vic." Read the novels, and you'll quickly understand that Katee Stakhoff is playing a toned down version of Victoria Moretti, with a great back story.
BTW, there is a good reason the show is not filmed in Wyoming: a summer series has to be filmed in the winter, when there is too much snow in Wyoming to make the story believable. It was filmed in the Taos, New Mexico area.


Holy Cow. As a lifelong Wyo resident, I'm having a hard time with this show. We don't have an Absaroka county, though we do have some of the most beautiful mountains named Absaroka Mountains. The Cheyenne have their res in South Dakota and Montana. We do have several reservations in the state. Wyoming is so beautiful that they should be using real places and real scenery.


I know Wyoming is under populated but only 1 sheriff for the whole county? Please.
So far the series has been O.K. but...... 2 things I didn't like about the latest episode. First, I didn't like the way they dissed the First People Ceremony that Walt was going through by interrupting it with that cell phone call. Very rude.
Second, right away they have Cady involved with that dickwad deputy Branch. Tat is so unnecessary. If they want to cause conflict at least make it interesting, have her in a relationship withe Rez Police Officer that clocked her father. That would have all sorts of ramifications!
Now if they are going to continue to insult Native American culture I can assure you I will dump this series in a hot minute. I will also join any protests that Native Indigenous peoples may make against it and I don't even have any First People blood in my veins.


Another good episode. Don't know how the guy could burn down the barn and not leave an out for his horses. He deserved to die and this show deserves another reviewer.


This hsow drags on too much, Longmire, a la John Wayne, quiet and even condescending to younger ones, a loner and troubled individual with family tension (where have I seen this before) is boring. This episode had to be turned off because of the scene with horses being killed in a fire, screaming for help, so I never saw the ending and will not watch it again. I have seen autopsiees but this was heart wrenching. I will not be watching again.


I like this show and love how this show is shot, absolutely beautifully shot. I actually like it better than The Glades. I find the ongoing romance part of The Glades continues to be tiresome. No such 'distraction' on Longmire, which is nice. I'm in for the longhaul.

Sarah silva

While I am still not 100% about this show, I do like it enough to stick around! However if The Glades was not on the same night I do not think I would be watching Longmire! As I LOVE The Glades and decided to watch Longmire as it was on after and it took the Glades orginal time slot!


One step forward two big steps back, really liked the first two shows but this episode story line was to easy to figure out, I tivo the episode halfway thru the show and saw something else. Came back and saw the rest, glad i didn't sit thru the whole episode. Show has alot to offer if someone would go outside the box of the usuall routine plot line that was evident in this episode.

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