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"Unquiet Mind"

On the season 2 premiere of Longmire, a prison transfer gone wrong leads to a hostage situation on the mountain.

"Unfinished Business"

On Longmire's first season finale, a teen is murder just after being acquitted of sexually assaulting a Cheyenne girl.

"Dogs, Horses, and Indians"

On Longmire, an underground poker game ties into a murder investigation. Cady and Branch's affair comes to light.

"An Incredibly Beautiful Thing"

On Longmire, when a missing woman and a crazy cult are involved in a murder, Henry offers his tracking skills to assist in the investigation.

"8 Seconds"

On Longmire, a vicious assault on a beer distributor stumps Walt. Is Vic's husband jealous of her and Walt's relationship?

"The Worst Kind of Hunter"

On Longmire, a retired Sheriff tries to join the investigation into a bear attack which may actually have been a murder.

"Dog Soldier"

On Longmire, there is a frantic search for missing Cheyenne foster children when a sex offender is in the area.

"The Cancer"

On Longmire, a teenager from a Cheyenne reservation is one of two murder victims.

"A Damn Shame"

On Longmire, when a man and his horses are killed in a barn fire, Walt suspects foul play.

"The Dark Road"

On Longmire, the body of an exotic dancer is found on Longmire's territory and the team realizes she wasn't from town.