Nina Dobrev Signs with New Talent Agency

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Nina Dobrev has made a major career move. Behind the scenes, that is.

The Vampire Diaries actress, who left Innovative Artists a few weeks ago, has signed with CAA, one of the biggest talent agencies in the country. Deadline first reported the news.

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Dobrev, of course, got her start in the Canadian series Degrassi: The Next Generation before nabbing the life-altering role of Elena Gilbert. We'll next see her alongside Emma Watson and others in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

And then, naturally, on The Vampire Diaries Season 4! It premieres in October.

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I can't wait to see what will come up for Elena in season 4. It's still gonna take a while for this season to come. =|


@Mrs. Kol and Blake Lively has a Louboutin named after her, is endorsing Gucci and Chanel, dating Ryan Reynolds and living much more glamorously than many other "talented actresses". So maybe it says something.


Congrats to her. I actually think she's a very talented actress and it showes when she's given good material to work with. She shines as the baddass and flirtatious Katherine. We can't say she's a bad actress because of her portrayal of Elena. Plec's to blame there, there's just no material for her to work with...ANYONE would struggle playing a Cardboard cut out.


Lmao at all you Nina worshippers


hopefully she does porn....


lool yep its true. she basically sucks as an actress, but she is stil by far a better actress than kristen stewart. please even my imaginery dog is more talented than k-stew


I might be old school, but I still think that the best actors are those that work in the theater and don't sell out into tv...I really don't see how changing talent agencies will improve her acting, just takes actors years of work through theater to improve their acting skills. What do they even do at talent agencies?


lol it's called criticism, and i'm doing what I enjoy too. I can work any time and anywhere compared your sad 9-5 job.


Ummm Nina is a teriffic actress!CAA does not sign actors just because they are pretty...they want talent!Obviously Nina has it!
And for the love of god Asuka(AKA BoredNow)Kristen stewart is a horrible actress even if Nina us horrible she is definetly not that horrible!


Hate all you want...she's making a ton of money and doing what she loves while we all toil away just reading about it...

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