Rookie Blue Review: We Can't All Be Poster Boys

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Rookie Blue was back and better than ever as "Class Dismissed" had everyone's relationships in flux and no one was on solid ground.

After last week's episode, I was glad to see Sam and Andy looking so happy and spending time in Andy's bed. After their cold start in the season premiere it was a relief to know things had heated up between our dynamic duo.

Swarek & Andy Draw Their Weapons

Andy was really playing the girl card as she got insecure about Sam taking off to meet up with Jerry. Was she seriously pushing for them to move in together already? It certainly felt like it. 

I loved when Sam deflected her serious relationship conversation with the mention of yoga class. I just can't picture Sam doing yoga. Then again, I might like to picture Sam doing yoga.

Sam brought Andy back to reality when in this Rookie Blue quote he explained where his head was at…

I think you were ready to marry someone else six months ago. | permalink

Sam's right. Andy's moving way too fast. She nearly married Luke, then jumped into bed with Sam. She promised him a relationship and then didn't call him for three months and now she's anxious to take things to the next level.

I love Sam and Andy together but if they're going to last they need to take things slow and enjoy the ride. The plus side is that it will allow fans to enjoy it too.

In other news, Dov lost a police car. Honestly, do a lot of cops leave their keys in their cruisers because that seems pretty dumb?  Still, I felt for Dov. He tries so hard but can't quite get it right and thinking about Dov on the SWAT team is a little scary.

Dov was still with the bomb squad chick, whom I like but it felt like he and Gail never really got a their chance. I'm hoping they find their way back to one another sometime in the near future.

And I had no idea what suicide drills were but with a name like that I had only one question. Why? I might want Dov and Gail together eventually but if Sue and Dov were willing to do suicide drills to impress one another, I'd guess they're going to be together for a while.

The high school kids who stole the car were stupid, but realistically so. Everyone feels invincible when they're that age. Some of us were smart enough to grow out of it. Of course getting caught selling a shot gun to someone and stealing a police car might help them learn the realities of life a whole lot quicker.

Chris' poster was hysterical. Dov looked so jealous until he saw the graffiti. But I did wonder where Noelle's posters were hanging.

Finally there's a few quick side notes…

  • Happy to hear Noelle and the baby were OK.
  • Very sad to find out Ollie and his wife have separated. He adores his family.
  • Chris was great with the kid. He'll make a great dad some day.
  • What are the odds of next week's episode opening with Peck and Collins in bed together?
  • I always love how intense Sam gets when Andy's in danger and he's not by her side. I might never get enough of that.

With the summer schedule causing most of my network favorites to disappear, it's great to have Rookie Blue back once again.


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Bob Davis November 7, 2011 This would be in the mid-1950 s, (the Metro Coach period was from 1953 to 1958). My guess is that it's on the West Basin line to San Pedro. The car is in prescos of restoration at Orange Empire.


I'm going to have to be the odd man out, because I love Andy and Luke together. I don't like Andy and Sam together at all. At least with Luke she was happy. Yes, he betrayed her by sleeping with the ex but she almost did the same thing with Sam so.... I just would rather they bring Luke back. They had better chemistry in my opinion!


I was wrong. Luke not back until episode 9 via eric johnson himself on twitter..


Really? Sue is a boss. She's awesome. Her and Dov forever (that it takes one guy out of this neverending idiotic web of love triangles is only an added bonus.) ABC or the Canucks who make it need to give Sue a spinoff where she does nothing but defuse bombs and crack jokes with macho ETF guys.


I thought the end was a nice moment between them on the sofa. I didn't read anything into Sam's expression but I only watched it the one time so I'll go back and try and find that scene to look again. I hate that they're throwing Gail together with someone new. She and Chris broke up because he believed she had feelings for Dov and now it looks like they've dropped that story and moved on. I hope they go back to Dov and Gail before the season ends.


Ugh! Thats what i was thinking..the look on his face while andy was sleeping on his lap i think he is now thinking maybe they wont last...UGH! Sam and Andy have to stay together!!i know we need drama with these 2 but I just dont want to see them together then breaking up then together..


Yes, Luke will be back. He is on a special task force assignment..something like that. I think I read on twitter he is back episode 5.


Does anyone know what happened to Luke? Is he coming back this season?


Yeah, what's up with Andy? She ditched Sam for three months with barely a word and then wonders why he's holding back. He's going to need some time before he trusts this relationship. Also, what happened to Gail and Dov. Have they completely dropped that storyline. I was looking forward to seeing these 2 find their way back together.

Sarah silva

I knew she could not resist him for long, I still want to know what happened to them in the past! I think she became mean and stand offish after the relationship ended.
I knew as soon as Oliver pulled up to the house that he and his wife were separated, it makes since as he was trying to talk up his marriage as if nothing was wrong.
Chris as always is super funny!

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Andy: What time is it?
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